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Newsflash! The days of paying an arm and a leg for a quality film education are history. We’re Pittsburgh Film Connection and we get local film professionals to give students real-world experience and industry contacts. From our two programs come graduates that people want to hire. Our first program is a 6-month behind the scenes track that will link you up with local mentors. The second longer track is our directors program, which lasts eight months. Here you are partnered with not just local mentors who will guide you as you write, direct, and edit your project, but a dream mentor in Los Angeles. Then, during the final week of your program, you’ll be flying to L.A. to pitch your idea to an industry executive. Don’t waste your money on lectures and professors. Get training with working professionals!

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With a city population of over 300,000, and anchoring a seven-county metro area of over 2 million people, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is the number 23 DMA in the nation, home to numerous film and television production companies. Pittsburgh is also home to such major sports teams as the Pittsburgh Pirates (MLB), Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL) and the Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL). Among the many entertainment industry pros hailing from this area are actors Charles Bronson, Shirley Jones, Jeff Goldblum and Frank Gorshin; TV personality Fred Rogers (also known as "Mr. Rogers" from children's television; and legendary film producer David O. Selznick.

IMDB lists over 760 movies, TV shows, documentaries and specials that have been filmed in the Pittsburgh area. Some of the better-known movies that have done filming here include The Road, The Next Three Days, Groundhog Day, Independence Day, Dogma, The Silence of the Lambs, and Love and Other Drugs, just to name a few. Additionally, television shows that have done episodes in this area include Fringe, The X-Files and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Whether your interest is in film directing, film producing, film editing, cinematography, lighting, special effects or otherwise, Pittsburgh provides a great amount of opportunity for you to learn.

The large volume of film and television production that happens in Pittsburgh makes it a perfect connection point for film students and filmmaking professionals–and those connections can be made with FILM CONNECTION putting you in the thick of the action. Come find out why over 70 percent of our graduates get permanent industry jobs! Enroll in Pittsburgh FILM CONNECTION today, and let us get you on the set!

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The Film Connection is where it all starts. We help make your dreams happen.
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