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The Film Connection is where it all starts. We help make your dreams happen.
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You can’t buy access to people in the film industry, you have to earn it. But what most film schools don’t tell you is that their film degrees don’t mean access either. You need someone to introduce you and that’s where Rochester Film Connection comes in. We bring together students and working professionals in a mentorship setting. If you want to work behind the scenes, we can put you with technical filmmaking pros. Or if you want to learn what a director does, we put you through all the steps with several mentors along the way. You’ll take your idea and put it on paper, then the big screen, and finally all the way to Hollywood to pitch it before an executive. Earn their trust and you’re on your way. But only with Rochester Film Connection.

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Located in northern New York along the shores of Lake Ontario, Rochester is New York State's third largest city behind Buffalo and NYC. It hosts a population of over 219,000 people, and is the corporate headquarters for several international corporations, including Eastman Kodak and Bausch and Lomb. Additionally, a long list of entertainment professionals and celebrities have ties to Rochester, including actors John Lithgow, Taye Diggs, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Lauren Holly.

Rochester is also convenient for a wide range of backdrops for location filmmaking, including urban areas, waterfront areas, and beautiful natural scenery in the surrounding regions. In fact, numerous movies, commercials, documentaries and TV shows do filming in Rochester and the surrounding areas on a regular basis.  Some of the films shot in and around Rochester include Cherry Crush, Lady in White, The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry, Bruce Almighty, Tuck Everlasting and Canadian Bacon, just to name a few. 

With our many professional connections and relationships forged over the years, FILM CONNECTION is in a unique position to help fulfill your dreams of a career in film and/or television. With our unique mentor-apprentice (extern) approach, FILM CONNECTION places you with your own personal instructor in a real-world environment, where you will learn by hands-on training and make vital industry connections. Over 70% of FILM CONNECTION graduates go on to have a career in film and TV—often times being hired before they finish their FILM CONNECTION course. You owe it to yourself to see what our Rochester Film School can do for you!

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The Film Connection is where it all starts. We help make your dreams happen.
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