Is This Too Good to Be True?

Yes! Well, no. We mean, it’s not TOO good.

Not like “it’s too good therefore something must be wrong”. But it’s almost too good to be true. It hits that sweet spot of like two or three things that aren’t absolutely perfect. Y’know, so you can really come to terms with the fact that it’s a reality. Namely, that you have to pay for our film school. And you’ll have to work hard.

So, basically Film Connection is the Godfather II of film schools. It’s nearly perfect in every way. But, y’know, Brando isn’t in it so it’s just lacking that little teeny tiny element that would push it over in to the too good to be true area. Did we mention that there’s going to be a ton of work? Because there is going to be a ton work. There’s going to be lots of work and lots of time spent working. It’s not going to be easy. It’s going to be fun, no doubt. But not easy. It’s ok, though, right? That’s what you want, right? You want the challenge. You want to succeed. You want to overcome the odds, right? Long nights and long days are a small price to pay for cinematic glory, right? Pain is temporary, film is forever. Or at least that’s the old film adage. And if you’re here reading this, we’re willing to bet that you have similar feelings. You’re not content working a desk job. You want more than just filing papers or flipping burgers.

You want to team up with a virtual Dirty Dozen of film industry professionals and you want to rock the world with your movie. You want lines around the block. You want to destroy paradigms and blow minds.

Film Connection is the perfect place to hone your skills and prepare for a career in the film industry.


Still skeptical? Please review the following seven enrollment steps with your family and don't hesitate to show this to anyone who is helping you with your tuition costs (should you choose to attend the Film Connection):


STEP TWO: One of our Admissions representatives will contact you by phone within 24-48 hours after you apply. Or you can call us at 310 456-9623 and ask to speak to an Admissions Counselor. NO COST FOR THIS EITHER

STEP THREE: Talk to your family about The Film Connection and share with them how we are different than all the other filmmaking programs and film schools out there. You might even show them this page and tell them: STILL NO COST.

  1. We are the only film school that puts you in the door of an actual film or video production company.
  2. We are the only film school that trains you one on one. Imagine yourself on the set or a location shoot, seated next to a professional filmmaker/director/producer/editor/screenwriter, while you learn filmmaking with no other students in the room. This is a private learning experience.
  3. We cost only $9,800.00 – Books and Materials and Job Placement assistance included. (You still don't pay anything yet, tuition payment is not required until all your questions are answered to your satisfaction and you decide to attend the Film Connection Film Institute.

Next, show these 4 pages to your family:

STEP FOUR: If you are utilizing Financial Assistance, apply for it for free by calling our Financial Assistance Dept. at (310) 456-9623 XT. 226. Then talk to your Head Of Admissions the day before you Open House Interview so as we can prepare you for your interview. If you are not utilizing Financial Assistance, no problem, then just ignore the Financial Assistance part of this step and talk to your Head of Admissions the day before you interview so we can prepare you for your interview with the film or video production company. COSTS TO DATE–ZERO!

STEP FIVE: Go to your OPEN HOUSE INTERVIEW either alone or with your family, follow our guidelines and get yourself accepted into our program. AGAIN, NO COST.

STEP SIX: If you and your family liked what you saw and if you were accepted by your mentor, enroll. OK, THIS IS WHEN YOU PAY.

STEP SEVEN: Begin you apprenticeship inside the real film production company.


(and the answers to those questions)

1) It says that you have to be accepted by the mentor for entry into your program, don't you accept everyone?

No we don't. Our mentors are actual working filmmakers who have agreed to give back their gift of knowledge to you or your child. That said, they are looking to privately train only those students that show enthusiasm, motivation, and a hard work ethic. When you or your child attends the OPEN HOUSE INTERVIEW the mentor is also interviewing you to see if he or she wants to train you or your child. Whether you get accepted or not depends entirely on your work ethic and attitude. Nothing else.

2) It says you don't have any application fees. Is that really true?

YES. The Film Connection does not have any application fees, up front fees, holding fees or any other kind of preliminary charges of any kind. Period. The only thing you pay is your tuition and any applicable interest charges associated with your account if you decide to use a financing option. The Film Connection is an accredited and licensed school and is full compliance with federal and state laws and is HEOA Compliant. We also have a REFUND POLICY, which you can view here [CLICK HERE TO REVIEW REFUND POLICY].

3) Is the Film Connection accredited?

Yes. By two different agencies. The National Private School Accreditation Alliance and the United States Bureau of Art Schools. You can visit the USBAS by clicking here.

4) So let me get this straight, I get to go down to the production company first and meet the mentor and talk about scheduling, your curriculum, the program before I pay even one single penny?

Yes, yes, yes. There is NO money exchanged before you see the program with your own eyes first.

5) Wait a minute, are they going to ask me for money at the film or video production company?

NO, NO, NO. The Film Connection is a fully accredited school and you will NOT be asked for ANY MONEY of ANY KIND at the open house interview.

6) Okay, but what if I go to the film company for the open house interview and I don't like what I see?

No problem. Then you are free to check out other schools. With us, there is no obligation of any kind. If you don't like what you see, you can simply walk away. No cost, no obligation.

7) But what if I want to check out another studio after the first one? Can I check out two or more studios that work with your school?

If there is another production facility available, yes. But please understand the apprenticeships that we offer our rare and difficult to come by. Because our one-on-one training is offered by busy industry professionals inside their busy production facilities we only have a select few openings per month. Chances are if we set you up with an interview it is not only the best option available, but may be the only one. With that in mind, we will do our best to accommodate you and your needs with a second option per our discretion.

8) Can you explain how your apprenticeship is different than a regular Internship?

Absolutely. Interns are gophers, helpers, errand runners. They fetch coffee. And while being an intern is a good thing it is not the best way to learn a trade because interns "help first-learn second". But Film Connection Apprenticeships are set up in a completely different way. As a Film Connection Apprentice you will actually study from our structured course curriculum in private, one on one session with a professional filmmaker who is both your mentor and your teacher. You will learn film production, editing or screenwriting by studying how things get done on actual film and video shoots. For a complete list of what you will learn, please click here.

9) Can I go around my current job or other schooling?

Yes. Most students start off going to the production facility 2x per week and then increase to 3-5x per week as they delve deeper into the fascinating world of filmmaking.

10) Come on, this sounds too good to be true. Is it?

Let us show you how TRUE this is. Let us prove ourselves to you. Let us show you that we are a school of integrity, professionalism, and that we are honest about everything we claim.


Let The Film Connection help you realize your dreams. If you go to an overpriced film school you will be wasting your money and can even wind up with some serious debt which is like carrying around a 600 pound gorilla while you're trying to start your career in film. Going to school with us is not only the smartest way and will save you a ton of money, but it is the way recommended by the these film professionals:


Click here to see what pros endorse the Film Connection


Success Stories from Our Students

“As time went by, the fellow editor that i had been working with that was suppose to be working on putting the piece together with what i had pulled but was having a hard time getting the project done as fast as my mentor had asked and would sometimes not be able to come in to work on it because he was very busy with his own projects. I could see that my mentor was getting frustrated with the situation and was not happy with how long it was taking him to do the work. I felt like it was a good opportunity for me to really show my talents, and how much I had learned! I asked my mentor if i could give it a shot and finish the documentary. I wanted to show that I could put the full documentary together, add supporting Broll and dialogue along with doing the audio mix for the piece. He told me that he would love it if I took this opportunity to shine. I worked all day every day on the documentary for about 2 weeks and was finally able to show him a documentary. Though the documentary was still going to need adjustments, I had gotten the project done in two weeks while it had been almost a full year that the project had been worked on by others.”
- Catura Jenson, Sandy, UT

“When I first joined the studio team, it was very nerve-wracking. Like any other job, it was my first day. Meeting new people is difficult and sometimes uncomfortable. As time goes on, you build relationships, and sometimes great friendships. Your networking skills are the key thing that keeps your career alive. Create business cards, and hand them out. The worst thing that could happen is they end up in the garbage can, but you did everything you could. Trying is everything in this industry, the more you try the farther you get.”
- Anthony Puglia. Orangeburg, NY

“Everyone there was hard working and a great person to work with. After one week of watching them work they really made me feel like part of the team and started giving me worthy tasks such as editing some shoots they did a few days prior and even letting me go out and shoot b-roll for a clients video.”
- Robert Forteza, Westchester, PA

“I have worked with my mentor Tom on 2 different projects. One was a short film that I produced and directed. Tom acted in the short film for me and was able to find a young woman to play the other part. I also worked with Tom on a project that he was shooting…”
- Anthony Nocerino, Westminster, CA.


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