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Many FILM SCHOOLS claim that by enrolling in their school you will be taught by a working professional. But are these teachers really "working in the business" or are they "working as teachers"? We have nothing against teachers, teachers are wonderful and we commend them for their dedication to education, but this begs the question: If these teachers working at the big film schools are in fact working in the film business, how do they have time to teach you in a classroom? If they were working professionals wouldn't they be working on their own film projects, getting paid to direct or produce films and videos for a living instead of spending their time in a college classroom teaching a film class of 50 students? Of course, the best way to proceed when selecting a film school is to do your own research and get the facts.


With Film Connection your classroom is in a real film or video set and your mentor is ALWAYS a working professional who has agreed to take you on and train you one-on-one on his film projects. You will be working on real life film projects that your mentor has been hired to work on. The bottom line is this, you will be working on real film projects, with real budgets under the direct one-on-one supervision of a working film director, producer or editor.

Do you think you can duplicate this kind of real world education in a classroom? Every day you will meet real world, film industry contacts. Do you really think that a traditional film school can introduce you to these real world contacts? Sure, you might meet a pro or two at the school's "career day" seminar or lecture, but do you really think that he is going to ever hire you? Especially, when there are ten, twenty, thirty or more other kids in your class all wanting the same thing?


Film Connection Film School is the school that provides training the practical way…on real sets, under real life working conditions, being trained, one-on-one by a working professional. Now we're not asking you to take our word for it, in fact, we welcome you doing your own research. That's because we're confident that our film program is the best program, we invite you to leave the site and take a look at other film schools. And if you do leave the site, we're sure we will see you again real soon, so make sure you bookmark our site before you leave, because after you do your homework, we're sure you will want to find us again.

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