The Film Connection Consultant Brian Kraft Appears on Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers to Donate Full Film School Scholarship to Underprivileged Youth

LOS ANGELES, CA–(November 23, 2011)–The Film Connection, a division of the Mentor Apprentice School of the Arts (MASA), providing certificate programs in all aspects of broadcasting and filmmaking, announced its Consultant Brian Kraft appeared on Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers to grant a full scholarship for their Learn in Los Angeles Filmmaking Course to an underprivileged young documentary filmmaker from Detroit, Michigan. The innovative new daily TV talk show hosted by Board certified internist and relationship expert Dr. Drew Pinsky helps provide a simple, practical road map to help people turn their lives around.

Kraft, who also works as a professional mentor with The Film Connection, offered the young man an apartment in Los Angeles, California, the film capital of the world, for six months, a paid internship in a Hollywood production company, an opportunity to attend the Film Connection on a full scholarship, placing him with mentors in his field so that he can fulfill his dream to become a documentary filmmaker. The Learn in Los Angeles Filmmaking Course is an intense, six month externship program for those students looking to make it as a major film director or producer.

“I help people to get into their dream careers, and I have been very moved by Tracy’s story … I can see something in him that’s special,” said Kraft. “This Film Connection course can help him become the film maker that he wants to be, unlike a traditional film school. You feel like you just want to do this every day for the rest of your life.”

Students accepted into the Film Connection’s Learn in Los Angeles Filmmaking Course helps them to learn directing, producing and screenwriting from some of the top names working in Hollywood. At the end of the six month externship program each student has an opportunity to pitch his or her film idea to a Hollywood development executive, a manager and an agent.

Each week students take a structured course curriculum in a private one on one setting where they learn how to develop a film idea from concept to completion from the pros. They will learn directing, producing, camera, screenwriting, editing, how to get their first film off the ground, distribution, and much more. Each student is also guaranteed an internship at a major Hollywood production company, agency, studio, or post production facility in the Los Angeles area upon completing the course. Last, students will also make a film based on their pitch concept.

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