Calling All Filmmakers. The Connectors Is Offering Full Scholarship To Film School.

Los Angeles, California.  April 3, 2012.  The Connectors, a reality show that chronicles James Petulla and Brian Kraft on their journey to find career candidates-people who have the drive and passion to succeed, but need a little help to get there.  This month’s episode of The Connectors is scouring the United States in search of candidates who are interested in a career in filmmaking.

When they find the right person, James and Brian hop on a plane to meet the candidate to talk about his or her dream job and discuss a road map to make that dream a reality.  The winner of this month’s episode will be connected with a successful, professional filmmaker who will serve as their mentor.

Not everyone can afford college, and James and Brian know from experience that classroom instruction is not always the best way to prepare for a career. Sometimes the difference between success and failure is simply having someone in your corner to show you the ropes. No one makes it without a little help; the most successful people in the world all had mentors. That’s what The Connectors is all about—giving people the chance to succeed through mentoring.

Unlike other “reality” shows that rely on cheap sensationalism and underhanded competition for entertainment value, The Connectors is about lifting up real people who deserve a chance at success. As you watch the stories of these people finding hope for their future, you’ll be inspired to pursue your own dreams, and you’ll discover that success can be more than just wishful thinking.

Those interested in applying to The Connectors should visit the website   Winners will be chosen among those candidates demonstrating the drive, passion and work ethic it takes to become successful.

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