Film Connection Graduate Celisa Meals Hired by Her Mentor

We congratulate Celisa Meals of Denton, TX! After competing her externship with the Film Connection Celisa’s mentor hired her to join a project with his production company! Read here, in her own words, about her experience and the steps she took to secure this opportunity and find more information about her throughout our site!

“I think that they realized really quick that I’m very open and very adaptable and personable. I can talk with anyone, I am not very intimidated by situations or people. I had an opportunity to work a lot of leads aside from the productions I was already working on other than the generic productions. What you need to do and where you need to put this and whatnot so I actually got to meet a lot of the clients very personally that came through here. I got to know them on a level that where they were talking about their experience to my mentor or even with someone else in the studio they referred to me by name and that isn’t as common as most people expected it to be around here. So that made the people that I’m working with realize that I am an influential person to some degree, even if I’m young and I need guidance if I’m going to be successful but having people recognize the good qualities and traits about me early on and placing me in positions where if I excel and learn new things they will really help me as well but everyone here has been awesome.”

– Celisa Meals, Denton, TX

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