Film Connection Success Stories

Receive invaluable personalized advice from a film industry professional.

“I had fun doing the lesson on script coverage with my mentor, it really taught me a lot to look at a script from a critical stand point and talk to him about it.”

Hiram Smith, Bethany, MO

Learn hands-on from day one.

“My first day was awesome! I got to meet allot of talented people and see the workings of a real shoot.”

Hiram Smith, Bethany, MO

Learn on the set.

“More and more I am getting acclimated to what being on a set is like, learning techniques and expanding on them. I feel that I am learning a bit of everything and the knowledge keeps pouring in.”

Brian Hobday, Hampton, VA

The best way to learn film is under the guidance of real filmmakers.

“I’m able to learn a lot easier than I used to learn in community college and now I finally like what I’m doing. I have been more motivated to do stuff and now I can’t wait to go further and write my script.”

— Anthony DeFrancisco, Bellmawr, NJ

Real shoots, real projects.

“My mentor told me I will get to be on set for the shooting of an independent horror movie this coming Wednesday! This is great news. I am appreciative that he is giving me this opportunity right out of the gate.”

— Hiram Smith, Bethany, MO

Real shoots, real projects.

“On Friday, Jim, the producer, invited me to a Jack Nicklaus shoot at The Bears Club in Jupiter, Florida. After the shoot was over, I helped pack up the equipment and the Director of Photography was telling all these Jack Nicklaus stories he had working with him. It was a lot of fun and I hope to have stories like that one day.”

Joseph Lamia, Delray Beach, FL

Learn from the pros.

“My mentor is very knowledgeable and passionate about what he does, only motivating me more.”

Brian Hobday, Hampton, VA

Learn the fundamentals as you extern.

“My mentor and I have been getting along great, he has been showing me different little things as far as editing and shooting techniques. We have discussed lighting and many different things about film.”

Joe DeLucia, Shelbyville, TN

Learn on the job with Film Connection.

“All I can say right now is I am very excited at how far I’ve come with the help of ‘The Film Connection’ and that I am very glad I came across this school online.”

— Iris Chinchilla, Las Vegas, NV

Real shoots, real projects.

“Man, oh man, what a week this has been! I get to the loading dock, to help put stuff in the film truck, and I find out from the man in charge of this shoot, that we are going to the beach for an Ambervision Sunglasses commercial and I would be doing the teleprompter.

Joseph Lamia, Delray, FL

Learn Film Editing on the Job

“What i like most here is the editing… because that was my goal when i came, and i am definitely learning a lot about editing. Other thing we do a lot is green screen, which I enjoyed. I also worked as a video camera for Bret in a project, and this is something i really like and i am good doing.”

— Camila Castello, Bellville, IL

Learn hands-on with your mentor’s guidance.

“I am incredibly grateful for the experience. The Film Connection is so unique and a terrific find especially for me and my younger brother who have spent so much of our schooling career in a less than conventional setting. Continuing to pursue our education in such a ‘hands-on’ manner has been excellent.”

“From a practical point of view I have most definitely left the program with a broader understanding of the industry. This has been learned through time spent in the studio, time spent on various shoots, and also through the reading and video materials that the Film Connection has provided. “

— Chloe Baker, Elkton, MD

Shoot real projects with professional equipment.

“This week we went to ORU Convention Center and helped set up and shoot an interview segment with the Coach of the ORU men’s basketball team for an Explore Tulsa episode. I learned a lot from being allowed to operate the camera.”

Aaron White, Tulsa, OK

Learn Final Cut Pro while working on real projects.

“We are still to work on the music video from the shoot filmed in December. I’m continuing to become familiarized, even somewhat proficient, on Final Cut Pro 6.”

Chloe Baker, Baltimore, MD

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