Film Connection Success Stories

Checking in with Film Connection Graduate Ruben Rodriguez Perez

Former Film Connection student Ruben Rodriguez Perez is now a current Film Connection success! After completing the program at the end of 2013 with his mentor Jae MacAllen at YoYo String Visual Media, Ruben has made the transition from extern to working professional. When recalling his experience with the Film Connection, Ruben notes, “Having an experienced professional invite you to gigs, explain things, and being a source of consultation was awesome. It gave me the confidence, exposure, and expertise to comfortably offer my services in other projects as well as start my own.”

Ruben also recalls how his work schedule was a bit hectic, yet he was able to balance his passion for cinema with working long weeks. “They (YoYoString Visual Media) were very accommodating with my schedule since I was a full time employee at Microsoft at the time, while still trying to kick off a documentary filmmaking career,” Ruben states. The best part about his relationship with the studio is that it continues on today with his former mentor. “I get to work with Jae every once in a while and have been doing some freelance work with other production companies and indie projects as well,” said Ruben. Look for Ruben Rodriguez Perez to go the distance as he continues to work and grow with his former mentor, current clients, and future ideas!

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