Film Connection Success Stories

Creating an environment.

“Of the different sets that I have been on it has been very interesting to note the environment that is created. It seems to me that the environment that has been created on set comes down from on top. That the tone of the set is set by the people in charge, mostly the director. And there is a trickle-down effect from how the director approaches the movie that they are working on. If they take it very seriously the people that are working on their film will take it seriously. If the people in power are willing to listen and work with the crew that creates a whole new environment. It is one thing to see it from the sidelines, and how it influences the different aspects of a film set, but it is another challenge to notice it while you are the one in the position of power. It makes me wonder what kind of tone and environment that I will set when I get to direct my own projects.”

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