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I’m beginning to become more confident in painting a landscape

“This week, I’m beginning to become more confident in painting a landscape in a descriptive way. I am actually having a lot of fun describing settings and placing characters in those settings in my mind (on the page is slightly more difficult, and I’m working through it). Something that I’m noticing as I write my screenplay is that every interaction involves significant, minute details, and when I change an interaction, I have to go back to the character’s descriptions/scene setup in order to be consistent by making sure every minute detail makes sense leading up to that interaction. A perfect example of this was how I forgot to have a character leave their shoes on in a meditation class so that later when a comedic/awkward moment needed to happen, there was no Velcro shoe for another characters’ hair to get caught in, so I had to go back and create/explain why the character did not remove their shoes.”

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