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If You’re Serious About A Job In The Film Industry, We Can Help!

The most important thing to you, the student, is whether or not we can help you jumpstart your career in the film business. Our on-the-job training film school alternative puts you in front of the people who have jobs to offer: working professionals. When it comes to getting going at building a career in the film industry, look into our programs and make an informed choice about your career path. Film Connection helps you build connections that can get you your first job in the film industry.

Do conventional film schools help their students get paid work in the film business before or after graduation? Most of these large, traditional schools (charging 30-120 thousand dollars in tuition) graduate many graduates every year. Once these students have matriculated, they enter the highly competitive film and video job market looking for gainful employment and soon come to the realization that with no REAL-WORLD FILM OR VIDEO EXPERIENCE, their diploma is pretty much useless to just about every production company in the world.

We aren’t trying to sound negative, but the truth is what it is. Think about how hard it is these days to get a regular job at say a corporate office or even at a local club or bar. Well, as you probably already know, it’s a much more difficult to get a job in the film industry! Why is that? Well, here are just a couple of reasons:

First, the film business is what we call a “premier job.” By this, we mean that it’s a dream career that many people would love to have. Think about it, where would you rather work? In a cubicle or on a film set? In a back-stabbing government office environment or on-location? That said, it probably doesn’t take too much imagination to realize that a career in film or video is a career that millions of people want. What that means is, YOU ARE COMPETING WITH MORE PEOPLE FOR FEWER FILM INDUSTRY JOBS. More people because it is a dream job, fewer job opportunities because once someone lands one, they almost never give it up.

Second, the film business does NOT, we repeat DOES NOT, work like the rest of the nation’s job market. In other words, when a position in the film business becomes available, employers do not hire from outside the industry, they almost always HIRE from WITHIN the business. In other words, you don’t find help wanted ads for film jobs or careers in the local newspaper or on Craigslist. Instead, they ask their friends and colleagues in the film business (other directors, producers, editors, camera operators) if they know any hard working, qualified candidates they would recommend. If you were to talk to 10 professional producers or directors and ask them if they have ever hired an assistant from a traditional film school or through an ad in the newspaper, all of them will likely tell you the same thing: “NO, I rarely, if ever, hire from the traditional schools or ads in newspapers. The people I hire are either people that I already know and trust or people that have come recommended by other film professionals.”

How Do You Help Me Get A Job In The Film Industry?

So the obvious question is: if all the jobs in the film business are awarded to people that film employers already know, how do you get to know these film professionals that do the hiring? ANSWER: YOU GET YOUR FOOT IN THE DOOR OF A REAL FILM PRODUCTION COMPANY and PROVE YOURSELF to be hard working and qualified. But wait a minute: you’re probably saying, “I’m not even qualified yet–I have little or no film production experience!!” It’s the proverbial Catch-22. How do you get the job without experience, and how do you get the experience without the job? How do you get trained AND get in the door? You certainly don’t achieve this by signing up for a traditional film school that is charging 30 thousand dollars or more for you to sit in a classroom. But with the Film Connection Film School Alternative, your classroom is on a real set or in a real film production company and your private tutor/mentor is the same professional that you one day hope will hire you. You have the unprecedented opportunity to gain the experience on-the-job, giving you a better shot at actually getting hired!

Now, we do NOT guarantee jobs. No one can guarantee you a job. But think about it and ask yourself, “With which program am I more likely to get hired in the real world? A program that puts me in a real, professionally run, working film or video production company, or in a college classroom isolated from the real world?” The Film Connection is the film school alternative that gives you the opportunity to be trained by working film professionals. It is the only film program that also introduces you to people that might just need, or know someone that needs, an assistant in the future.

In addition to your on-the-job training and exposure to the world of film production, we also offer Job Placement Assistance that is included with your regular priced tuition. For up to a year after graduation, we will help you to find paid work in the film business by actively showing your Film Connection performance records to film industry professionals and keeping our ears tuned to openings for which you qualify.

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