Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Film Connection

The Film Connection’s admissions counselors frequently answer a number of the same questions about specifics of our film mentorship program. In order to clarify things a little for you, here is a list of frequently asked questions and our answers!

Question: How does the Film Connection program work?

Answer: It’s an eight-month program, we work with more than 200 production studios across the country, and so we’re going to put you in a production studio in you area. It’s going to be within an hour away from where you live. You’re going to be obligated to go to the production studio at a minimum of two days out of the week. You can be there more often than that, but we at least require you to be there two days out of the week and that can be weekends, weekdays, morning, afternoon, evening, whatever works with your schedule.

Question: Will my mentor help me improve my writing skills?

Answer: You’re going to get 10 one-on-one sessions where you’re actually working with a screenwriter or a producer. We’re going to make sure that any ideas that you have, we’re going to help you put it on paper and make it a little more structured. All the ideas that you have we’re going to help you put them on paper so you can make an outline, a treatment, and a pitch. You’re going to be working with people like Paul Guay. Have you heard of Guay before? He wrote the highly acclaimed feature film Liar Liar with Jim Carrey.

He’s one of the people who works with our students, basically helping them develop a good pitch. You’re also going to get an opportunity to go to either Los Angeles or New York to pitch your idea to an executive producer. We have people like Evan Astrowsky, he produced Cabin Fever and Fan Boys. I’m sure you’re familiar with George Clooney, right? His producing partner, Grant Heslov, also works with our students when they pitch a movie, so he’ll be there. If any of them like your ideas, they’ll help you as far as finding financing for it.


Film Connection 101

The Film Connection receives many similar questions so we thought we’d assemble an easy to follow commonly asked questions article. Hopefully these answers will illuminate your film school and film program inquiries.

Question: I’m working right now will that affect my ability to enroll in the program?

Answer: No. As long as you communicate with your mentor, you should be able to have a pretty flexible schedule, come in Saturday, Sunday one week, Monday, Wednesday the next week, Tuesday, Thursday the following, as long as you communicate, whatever works best with your schedule.

Question: How long is the program?

Answer: It’s broken down into three different phases, and they’re each going to tap into different aspects of the film industry that are basically going to give you a complete understanding of how it works, how the industry works. For the whole eight months you’re going to be in a production company studio working with the daily workload of your mentor, you’re going to be learning everything through experience as well as through the lessons that are structured, and that’s the phase one option. The second phase you’re going to be working with people like Paul Guay. I’m sure you’ve heard of Jim Carrey. We also have Judy Levine, she just won an Academy Award last years for The Sessions which is a movie that she produced.

Question: Do I graduate with a Bachelors?

Answer: Also once you finish the program, after the eight-month, you’re going to be certified in film production.

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