Los Angeles, California, October 22, 2007–The Entertainment Connection, Inc., offering certificate programs in all aspects of filmmaking, radio broadcasting and film engineering, announced today that the company has launched its new entertainment arts education websites for careers in film and TV, and the film recording industries including: www.film-connection.com, www.radioconnection.com or www.recordingconnection.com. The company is the original Los Angeles film school alternative where students learn from a working professional in the entertainment field of their choice, in a real studio, set or station in the town or city where they live. Over the last 24 years more than 6,000 students have graduated from Entertainment Connection programs and gone on to get jobs and build thriving careers.

According to an annual study from PricewaterhouseCoopers, by 2010, the global entertainment and media is projected to expand into a $1.83 trillion industry in 2010, up from an estimated $1.33 trillion in 2005, making for a compound annual growth rate of 6.6 percent.

“With careers in the entertainment arts so popular today, it was time for us to upgrade our websites and make them more user friendly, offering more students a chance to hear the success of our programs straight from both our mentors and other student’s mouths,” said James Petulla, founder and chief executive officer, entertainment Connection. “We are very pleased with the clean new look and feel of all three websites, which will continue to be updated over the next few months.”

James (Jimi) Petulla is a successful film writer, producer and former radio broadcaster who came up with his take on the mentor/apprentice method of education while working as an instructor for the world famous and now defunct Columbia School of Broadcasting where students were trained but post graduation, they were then dumped into the job market with no real world experience. Petulla visualized an opportunity and asked himself how he could help capable students get paying jobs in the entertainment business. Two weeks later he started the Entertainment Connection 24 years ago.

Today finding a good school is more about which school will provide an education that the industry will take seriously and the reputation of the school or training program. Costs also play into the formula and often times it is very difficult to determine how much a degree will cost, because colleges and universities have formulas that they use. Applicants can be charged by the credit hour, by clock hour, or by semester. Then add in fees, books and supplies. Traditional film schools cost from $20,000 to $140,000, while an Entertainment Connection schools start as low as $4,450.

Entertainment Connection is an associate member of the National Broadcasters Association (NAB), The American Federation of Radio and Television Artists (AFTRA), and the Society for Professional Audio Film Services (SPARS). Entertainment Connection is an associate member of the National Broadcasters Association (NAB), The American Federation of Radio and Television Artists (AFTRA), and the Society for Professional Audio Film Services (SPARS).

About Entertainment Connection, Inc.
Founded in 1984, the Film Connection has provided educational extern programs for the film, radio, television and the film recording industries in more than 250 U.S. cities in all 50 states. The schools, where graduates find their dream careers, provide the entertainment industry with apprentices and entry level employees.

Entertainment Connection has a reputation for having the finest radio school, film production and film making schools in the entertainment media industry. Unlike any other school alternative, students learn from successful mentors in real world situations including active recording studio sessions, on real film sets and at actual on air radio stations as opposed to simulated classrooms where the pressures of client interaction and real deadlines do not exist. Applicants who wish to learn how to be a DJ, or talk show host, or radio announcer are screened and then re-screened by the mentors. Entertainment Connection’s programs can be completed in approximately half the time of degrees obtained from other schools.

The company is headquartered at Hollywood and Vine, by the historic Walk of Fame in Los Angeles, California. Visit www.filmconnection.com, www.radioconnection.com or www.recordingconnection.com. For additional information, please contact Brian Kraft at 1.800 295 4433.

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