Ian McCamant is back in L.A.!

Ian McCamant is back in L.A.!

In recent weeks, Filmmaker / Film Apprentice Ian McCamant relocated to Hollywood, California and is making major headway as he progresses through the “madness” of LA with flying colors! Ian road tripped all the way across the US in the blizzard of 2014.

In just the short time he has spent back in Cali, Ian has made a handful of great contacts in the industry for collaborations, partnerships, and beyond. In January prior to his move, Ian pitched his zombie flick The End of History to horror genre film producer Evan Astrowsky. He decided to make the leap long before returning to his home in Maryland, figuring Los Angeles would be able to provide him the resources and environment he needs to thrive and grow in the film industry.

From the moment Ian landed back on SoCal turf, he has scored three job interviews, each one progressively better than the last, and is looking to plant his feet for years to come. Ian is currently working on a multitude of scripts including a time travel romance/adventure piece and a psychological thriller.

Here is an excerpt from a paranormal themed film Ian is working on called Frivolty:
“Henry, an architecture professor commissioned to do a big money renovation on a house steeped in local legend, finds romance on-site with Maggie, a young ghost hunter working on her thesis. But something from long ago still lurks in the shifting shadows and crumbling corners of the old Duskridge house; something evil.”

At the Associated Artists group, Ian met a PR manager, Dotan Bear, who is helping Ian meet some actors and assisting with preliminary steps involving selling his scripts. Ian has met some likeminded filmmakers as well, and is staying in touch.

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