Travis King is already working in pre-production for an upcoming US $15 million motion picture with Mariah Carey and Mirna Sorvino,” says Eric Bryce, CEO of Lions Share Pictures in Los Angeles. “The project is called ‘Wise Girls,’ and is being produced by Richard Donner along with our company.”


Mike Croos has been hired on to do Sound for our upcoming feature film projects,” affirms Dwight Adair of Granite House in Austin, TX. “He is the second Entertainment Connection student to be trained and successfully employed here.”


Glen Lezma has been hired on as 2nd Assistant Director for the upcoming Salma Hayek film this October, titled “In the Time of the Butterflies” for ShowTime Network.


“We were so impressed with your student Mike Marovich that I have hired him on our ,b>Camera Department for our upcoming US $8 million feature ‘Wish,’ starring Christopher Walken,” says Will Robertson of Summerland Pictures, with offices in New York and Los Angeles.


Sasha Parulis has been hired on to do Special Effects and Editing with Blue Visual Effects, in Philadelphia.


“When your student Teresa Bryant came to me wanting to be a Location Manager I knew I could help,” explains Tyrone Dixon of Dixon/Caine Productions in Los Angeles. “But I had no idea her first day of training would mean working with the location manager for John Singleton’s upcoming feature that we’re producing.”


Marina Giokas has been hired as an Editor through our company, Darius Films, here in Toronto, Canada.


“After only 6 months in the program, Mark Nelson has been doing Digitizing and Editing for our feature film that is currently in post production,” reports Jim Andre of Film Branch in Chicago. “The training and knowledge he gained with us could have never been matched in an ordinary film school environment. We look forward to working with Entertainment Connection again in the near future!”


Student “Derek Koen is working on a film for HBO here in New York City. Not bad considering he had no background and had never been on a film set until 3 months ago.”


Bryan Hickox, president of Bryan Hickox Pictures in Jacksonville, Florida notes: “I have hired my second Entertainment Connection student, Pam Wiselogel, to do our in-house Digital Editing on an Avid. The first was Mark, who works for us as a Producer. I still would like to know what screening process you use to obtain your trainees, but whatever it is, keep it up! I look forward to receiving your next candidate.”


“The externship I had at Dawsons Creek and the training I received have landed me a full-time position,” reports Amy Gill, a Entertainment Connection student from Wilmington, NC. “Thank you!”

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