Editing Major Stephen Blanquie’s Experiences away from the Edit Bay

Film Connection student Stephen Blanquie using a Canon camera on set

Editing Major Stephen Blanquie’s Experiences away from the Edit Bay

“I definitely gained a lot of experience in editing software and had studio time where I’ve been able to tag along on shoots as a PA a grip and even film some of the projects and it’s been a great experience.

(At the start of the program) It was kind of a stretch for both of us we were trying to feel each other out, trying to figure out what made us tick. There was definitely a build-up of trust that happen with us, at first it was just I was coming doing grip work, by that I mean just getting a feel for where things were, they had just moved studios so there was a lot of work for switching over from standard definition to HD, they had this massive amount of DV tapes that need to be sorted through and organized… So I did some dirty work for about 3 1/2 more months, I will say it was my chance to get a feel for the studio to shadow Lisa (mentor) on edits and started small was far as editing goes. She had me label clips by what kind of shoot they were, whether it was nighttime or daytime or a long-shot a close-up yada yada yada. She just started small then by the end of my film program externship I was able to take my experience and feeling that there was a lot for me to learn.”

Stephen Blanquie, Portland, OR

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