What is the First Step to Getting Started at the Film Connection?

Film Connection program mentor Adam Lebenstein, New York

What is the First Step to Getting Started at the Film Connection?

Film Connection program mentor Adam Lebenstein, New York

At the Film Connection, you will learn one-on-one from active professionals working in film, not people who used to work in film.

Our structured course curriculum in Film Production, Directing, Editing or Screenwriting is your first step toward a successful career in film. The information-packed curriculum includes your Film Connection workbook, four textbooks, and a set of DVDs which we provide.

The curriculum is made up of twenty lessons, to be completed at the rate of one lesson a week. Expect to devote about 10 hours per week learning hands-on in the production facility, and another 10 hours per week studying at home on your own.

TO BE CLEAR: Film Connection students are not interns: they are student apprentices. There will be a certain amount of interning as a natural part of being in the production company, but 90 percent of your time on-site will be spent in hands-on learning as you extern with your mentor and work through your structured course curriculum.


Our film course will prepare you for a wide range of rewarding careers in the film and television industries, ranging from pre-production to post-production, directing, producing, screenwriting, and everything in between.

Enrollment in our Stay Connected Job Assistance Program is automatic for all approved Film Connection students. This one-of-a-kind program provides an additional 20 lessons designed to help you launch your film career after graduation (that is, should you need the additional assistance—many of our graduates do not). We go the extra mile to make sure you are properly prepared and positioned for a rewarding career in film.

With many other film schools, “job assistance” means forwarding you lists of job openings. With the Film Connection, we actually initiate the application process for you. We have developed a vast network of film professionals and film production facilities all over the U.S., and when you are “job ready,” we are more than willing to tap that network on your behalf, make the introductions, and make sure your application gets to the top of the pile.


Whether you realize it or not, when you extern in a real film production company, you are auditioning for a job every day that you go in to work and study. In many cases, our Film Connection students end up getting hired by the very production companies where they apprenticed. This is a natural result of our instruction methods, because as you form a working relationship with your mentor and prove yourself in your studies, in many cases he/she will want to hire you afterward! After all, when a job opening arises, who will the company want to hire? An untested film student fresh out of film school, or someone they have spent the last eight months training in their own facility? (You can see what kind of an advantage this gives you in the job market.)


Learn the skills you need to take your idea from paper to the big screen.

Real world film education by filmmakers for filmmakers, optimized for today!