Hierarchy of a Production Part 4: Line Producing

Line Producing is one of the areas of the film industry that most people have little to no inkling about. The line producer is someone who assists and oversees the crafting of a budget, the needs of the day-to-day production, and ensures that everything is being done on budget and on schedule. The line producer usually has no say in the creative or narrative sides of a production; he or she is only responsible for the logistical side of production. In order to craft a good budget, you must have several things: a locked script, a total amount to budget, a firm idea of how long it will take you to complete the film, and a breakdown of your script so you know exactly what will be required.

You must also know your vendors. You need to have an idea of what things cost and what you can get a discount on. This lesson will teach you in detail how to break down and budget your script.


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