While there’s no longer a “cutting room floor” in the filmmaking business, a video editor still plays an important part in any commercial, tv show, short film, or feature film production. While the director is still the quarterback of the team, consider the editor as a running back. When the director and cinematographer are done with principal photography all of the footage gets handed off to the editor to be put together and assembled into the final product.

What You’ll Need

It’s been said that a craftsman is only as good as his tools. Of course, it’s also been said only a poor carpenter blames his tools. However, as the computer generation was born in the late 80s, advances in technology over the past 30 years has given anyone the tools to make their own movies.

With tools like Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and other video editing software available to both Mac and PC users, anyone with a camera can make a film or video. Will you be shooting Lawrence of Arabia II on your phone? Probably not.

But with the right video editing program – and a computer powerful enough to run it – there’s no reason you couldn’t put together a music video for your friend’s band. Or make a wedding video for a paying customer. Or shoot and edit a short movie for a film festival submission.

Pay attention to the software and learn all of the video editing features they provide. Start with the star wipes, end with exporting the finished product in several formats, and learning how to click trim, add text, import audio and video clips, and everything else an editor needs to do.

To become a great editor, though, it will take more than editing tools or a video editing computer. Editing is more than a cut here or adding music there. To really learn how to edit, you’ll need to spend time practicing, training with professional equipment, and learning from the best. With Film Connection you can get the skills, know-how, and experience it takes to start editing film on a professional level.

The Cutting Room is Your Classroom

For 30 years, Film Connection has been pairing aspiring editors and moviemakers with industry experts inside of professional studios and production companies. We feel the mentored externship relationship has something to offer novices as well as those who have been attending film schools but didn’t feel they were getting the education they really needed.

It’s hard to choose the best part of the FIlm Connection programs and workshops. On the one hand, you’ll be working side by side with your mentor inside a working production company. Then there’s the fact that it takes less than a year to earn your certificate (and those months are filled with hands-on learning, unlike a traditional film school classroom).

And you won’t have to move to Los Angeles, New York, or Chicago to do it, either. We have mentors in cities spread out over 43 states, including, L.A., N.Y.C., and Chi-Town. So you won’t have to move thousands of miles to pursue your dream.

This leads us to the final reason Film Connection for Film Production & Editing is so attractive: the price. Our programs and workshops cost less than most trade schools, four-year universities, and two-year junior or community colleges. It will save you even more than money – it will save you time.

We say this because you’ll be gaining the experience you need and making the connections this industry is built on. From day one you’ll be fully immersed in the industry instead of waiting for two years – or more! Our most successful externs have been hired on at the very studios where they learned while others have managed to build on what they learned and found work inside the industry.

They all had a few things in common but the most important trait they shared was a willingness to work hard. When it came time to study, listen to their mentor, or just take direction while setting up the lights, running cable, and whatever else they were asked to do, they did what had to be done and made Film Connection work for them.

Does that sound like you? Apply today and we’ll find out.


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