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Go to any major bookstore and you’re likely to find dozens of books on screenwriting. From knowing the fundamentals to surviving Hollywood, everyone claims to have the “secret” that will help you make it as a screenwriter. Why, then, are there literally thousands of screenwriter wannabes and only a select few who actually succeed in the business?

Unlike the popular stereotype, real screenwriters don’t just follow their “inspiration” or answer to some kind of elusive “muse.” The truth of the matter is that screenwriting is a very real craft and, like any other craft, it is one best learned on the job and taught by active professionals.

That’s where the Film Connection comes in. Most regular film schools will sit you in a class taught either by people who’ve never had a movie made, or past players whose knowledge of the business dates back to a three-year run on Alf. The Film Connection, on the other hand, is an exciting mentor/apprenticeship program that puts you under the direct guidance of a professional screenwriter who is working in the industry here and now.

Truth be told, this isn’t a new concept. In television, where the writer literally runs the show, the Writer’s Assistant is a coveted position that gives on-the-job training from script to screen. After working intensively to support the show runner and his team — while learning the ins and outs of creating actual episodes — a talented Writer’s Assistant will eventually go on to pen his or her own scripts. Why, then, shouldn’t a real-life mentorship approach also apply to screenwriting?

Well, it does. And here at the Film Connection, we take the externship idea seriously. If accepted into our program, you will train one-on-one with a professional screenwriter who is located within 90 minutes of where you live. Everything the screenwriting “gurus” discuss – from story, characterization, theme, and dialogue to revising, polishing and marketing your script – will be covered. But instead of the cold information of a book, or even the fragmented attention of a class setting, you will have real personal, interactive feedback from someone who has moved beyond theory into the practical world of screenwriting. Writing can be a lonely pursuit, but not when you have a seasoned professional to bounce your ideas off of–someone with a trained eye and ear who can help you avoid the mistakes of an amateur. Someone who can breathe life into your great concept, move you through writer’s block, help you get your ideas onto the page, and help you hone your own screenwriting until it shines.

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Film Connection provides affordable, unique education models coupled with mentor-based (externship) programs that can be engaged remotely or in person.

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