How long is the program?

All Film Connection tracks have durations of eight months.

Are there any scholarships or other financial aid options

Yes. Film Connection offers a variety of financial aid programs to fit your budget and credit history. So, if you need financial assistance make sure you give us a call at 1-800-295-4433 and we’ll get to work finding a financial aid package that works for you. There is absolutely no charge to you for this service.

No Down Payment.
Low Interest Rates (vary according to your credit)F
Up to 15 Years to Pay.

If you don’t qualify for the Sallie Mae financial aid program, the Film Connection offers a variety of in-house financial aid programs. One of them is sure to fit your needs.

Best of all, the Film Connection’s experienced Financial Aid Counselors are trained professionals, and will do all the paperwork for your loan application. As long as you’ve been paying your bills, we should be able to get you a financial aid package that will fit your budget and get you into our Film School Alternative and on your way to a career in film.

Is everyone automatically accepted into the Film Connection Film School?

No. Because your film course takes place in a real film production company, you must first be accepted by your mentor and the Admissions Committee. All Film Connection candidates first go to a free open-house interview and meet with their mentor at the film production company where learning will take place. Again, please note, there is no charge for this open-house interview. If you are not accepted, you pay nothing. If you are accepted by the mentor, we can then arrange a tuition option that is right for you and your family, but there is no obligation of any kind.

How long has Film Connection Existed?

Film Connection has been operating in the entertainment world since 1983 continuously offering its unique and proprietary mentor/apprentice model of education and job training to aspiring filmmakers, directors, producers, editors, writers, camera operators and other associated careers in film.

Where is your campus?

The Film Connection’s corporate headquarters are in Los Angeles, California.

Film Connection
6253 Hollywood Blvd, Suite 302
Los Angeles, CA 90028


With the Film Connection, your “campus” is a real film set or film or video production facility located within 60 miles of your residence.

Do you have a Job Placement Assistance Program?

As part of our Stay Connected Program, upon graduation of our 8-month filmmaking course, you will be assigned a Job Placement Coordinator to help you find employment in the film industry. This service is available to all graduates for up to a year after the complete the program. That said, many of our students have had paid work offered to them even before they graduated.

What is the number of students in each class??

There’s just you! The class is the mentor and the apprentice (extern). It’s that simple.

How do I apply?

To apply to the Film Connection, simply fill out and submit the free Apply Form at the bottom of this page, or any other page on this website. You may also call 800-295-4433 or 310-496-9624 and ask for admissions.

How much filmmaking experience do I need?

No prior film experience is needed. All you need is passion, drive and a strong work ethic.

How do you compare with traditional film schools?

Our teachers (we call them mentors) are working professionals who make their living from the film or video business NOW, TODAY, even as they are instructing you. They open up their place of business (their production company) to you, and you use it as your classroom. Additionally, because of our low tuition costs, the graduating student is not saddled with a daunting amount student debt.

Do I need to buy books/software?

NONE. We give you everything. By that we mean:

Film Connection for Cinematography

  • Supplemented by Cinematography – An introduction, Written by Tim Atkinson
  • Film Connection Course Curriculum eBook

Film Connection for Film Editing

  • One copy of Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere editing software [students choice]
  • Final Cut Pro X 10.1 Apple Pro Training Series Textbook by Brendan Boykin (ISBN: 978-0-321-94956-1) or Adobe Premiere Elements 12 Classroom in a Book Textbook by Adobe Creative Team (ISBN: 978-0-321-94981-3)

Film Connection for Film Production & Editing:

  • The Writer’s Journey by Christopher Vogler
  • Film Connection Course Curriculum eBook, by Brian Kraft, Tim Atkinson and Dave Baker

Film Connection for Screenwriting:

  • Final Draft screenwriting software
  • Film Connection Coursebook for Screenwriting, by Tom Malloy
  • Film Connection Film Institute Introductory Course on Writing and Producing by Tim Atkinson, Dave Baker and Brian Kraft
  • The Writer’s Journey by Christopher Vogler (Recommended)

All you need to do is enroll and have access to a computer with an Internet connection and Microsoft Office.

Distance Education Technology Requirements
To participate in Recording Radio Film Connection and CASA Schools programs, prospective students must confirm by initial on the enrollment agreement that the requirements to have Internet access and Microsoft Office have been fulfilled.

If I move during my time with Film Connection will I be able to find a new mentor in a new city?

Yes, we have mentors across the country. We do not encourage this, but if it is absolutely necessary for you to move, we 
will provide a new mentor for you.

Are there age limits/requirements for enrollment?

Nope. None. All you have to be is excited about movies. That’s all.

How flexible is the scheduling?

Our film course scheduling is very flexible. We will try to work around your full or part time job schedule. Classes are also available nights and weekends. However, you will find the more time you can put into our course, the more you will get back from it.

What are some reasons I might not be accepted into Film Connection?

We base our decision to accept or not accept students based solely on what we perceive your work ethic, drive, and motivation to be successful. Nothing else.

With over 30 years of training film students one-on-one through the Film Connection’s original filmmaking Mentor/Apprentice program, we firmly believe we offer the best approach for students looking to break into the film business. We welcome your interest and look forward to helping you achieve your dreams.


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