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Our approach is simple, really. As you learn the technical aspects of filmmaking (directing, cinematography, editing) in your hometown at a local film production company close to where you live, you will also be paired with a Hollywood legend who will help you in private sessions to develop you movie idea into an idea that could get made into a movie.

Currently, our students are working side-by-side in private sessions with these well respected filmmakers:

Paul Guay

Screenwriter, Liar Liar, The Little Rascals, Hearbreakers

Judi Levine

Sundance Award-winning Producer of the Academy Award-winning film, The Sessions

Sandy Stern

Producer, Being John Malkovich and Velvet Gold Mine

Alex Keledjian

Producer, Project Greenlight

Ron Osborn

Screenwriter, The West Wing, Meet Joe Black, Duckman

Evan Astrowsky

Producer, Cabin Fever and Fanboys

John Raffo

Screenwriter, The Relic, Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

Doug Eboch

Screenwriter, Sweet Home Alabama, The Hollywood Pitching Bible

Nicholas Tabarrok

Producer, Defendor, The Art of the Steal

Jeff Kushon

Set Decorator, Dexter, Modern Family

Matt Temple

Development Executive, Screenwriter, Director

Phil Halprin

Screenwriter, The Wild, Snow Dogs, The In Crowd

John Lafia

Screenwriter, Child’s Play, Babylon 5, 10.5

Fred Fox Jr.

Writer/Producer, Family Matters, Happy Days

Eric Abrams

Writer – Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles, Married with Children

Mark Gibson

Screenwriter – The Wild, Snow Dogs, The In Crowd


The Film Connection is a unique learning experience.

Our approach is simple. You start in your hometown, apprenticing inside a film production company to learn and understand the technical aspects of directing, cinematography, editing, shot blocking, story creation, and so on. While you are doing this, you are also learning screenplay writing, pitching, and outlining of idea for your best Hollywood movie via ongoing Skype collaborations with your Hollywood mentor.

In other words, you’ll work one-on-one with famous Hollywood producers as you apprentice (extern) in your hometown on the technical side of things. Upon completion of your apprenticeship (externship), as part of your tuition, you will fly out to Los Angeles to attend a Hollywood pitch meeting. In this pitch meeting, you will pitch your idea to an award-winning producer who in the worst case will offer you some constructive criticism, and in the best case, greenlight your movie.

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