The Film Connection Partners with Film Icon Oliver Stone

Oliver Stone, world-renowned film director, producer and writer, endorses the Film Connection’s mentor-apprentice (extern) approach!

The Film Connection’s unique approach to training up new filmmakers has gotten the attention of some of the biggest names in film—including, most recently, Oliver Stone!

Film industry icon Oliver Stone has been a household name in film for over three decades, having written and directed such notable films as Wall Street, JFK, Platoon, The Doors and Natural Born Killers, among many others. Recently, Jimi Petulla and Brian Kraft (Film Connection CEO and COO) had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Stone for lunch at Wolfgang Puck’s famous restaurant in Bel Air. During their three-hour meeting, the three spent time talking about the mentor-apprentice (extern) method of education, and about training new filmmakers by placing them as working apprentices in real film production companies.

As it turns out, Oliver Stone shares Jimi and Brian’s passion for training up new film talent, and has heartily endorsed the Film Connection’s mentor-apprentice (extern) method of education, also agreeing to partner with the Film Connection in helping up-and-coming filmmakers break into the business. The Film Connection is also pleased to join Oliver Stone in his support of his favorite charity, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the renowned non-profit, nonpartisan organization that employs litigation, lobbying and community education to preserve and defend the rights of individual citizens as guaranteed by the Constitution.

Together with Oliver Stone, the Film Connection is committed to continue helping launch new filmmakers into their careers, as well as in supporting organizations like the ACLU that seek to strengthen our communities through the defense of our rights.

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