Utilizing both film and the Internet can help you move forward as a filmmaker, especially if you are just starting out and looking for new ways to make a name for yourself. A number of new directors find that creating small features, such as short films, allows them to illustrate their vision on a smaller scale and budget than a full length feature film. These shorts, however, can sometimes be difficult to disseminate to audiences outside of film festivals. The Internet provides the perfect environment for a filmmaker to expose his vision and ideas to a wider audience of potential viewers.

With advances in digital filmmaking techniques and equipment, a new director can make a short feature for a relatively small amount of money. With the right screenplay and cast of actors, this feature can be something brief but allow the director to express a sense of what he or she may be capable of doing with a larger budget to work with. The only problem is in getting that short feature out for other people to see. While film festivals can often feature short works, it may be difficult for a person to gain entry into such a festival, or the timing may not work for a director.

If you find yourself in such a situation, then combining film and the Internet may provide you with an answer. You can use a digital camera to shoot your short film, and with computer editing programs, you can have your work finished and sitting on your computer. As long as you are able to compress the film into decent video quality and relatively small size, there is nothing then to stop you from using the Internet to distribute your film.

A number of different websites exist that will allow you to host your work as a file for others to download, or even as a video for people to watch through the Internet. This gives you a chance to build your reputation as a filmmaker, and allows audiences to see your work on a massive scale. You may even find that people within the film industry see your work and are willing to offer you the opportunity to work on a larger project. Similarly, your short work could become a calling card for you, which you can reference as you try to break into the studio system and the film industry. Utilizing the potential for film and the Internet can allow you to make a path for yourself into a rewarding career.

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