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Sometimes, even the best university film program will not get you the Hollywood job you dream of. Currently, students who go to film school find themselves at a disadvantage because film school does not do an adequate job at teaching students how to actually go about receiving jobs in the future. Truthfully, the film industry hires those who are capable at networkers and are very original and creative people. The biggest directors and producers never graduated from any type of formal education. Kevin Smith, George Lucas, Quentin Tarantino, James Cameron, and Steven Spielberg are just a few examples of the big names in Hollywood who became rich and famous and never got a degree. Degrees are not regarded as highly as they used to be, and in the cut throat world of Hollywood, executives hire those they know and those that have the experience.


The most important thing about making it in Hollywood is being able to network. In Hollywood, those that manage to score big deals and contracts have connections and a strong social network. Students should prepare for this by practicing socializing with peers, professors, and even parents friends. They are a good resource to breaking into the job world, no matter what job you want. Even if they do not work in film, chances are if you befriend them, they will introduce you to people they know, or keep you updated on job openings they hear about through their connections. Teachers are an excellent resource for students. Teachers are adults and have plenty of experience in the professional world. You never know who someone may know, so work hard to make a good impression on everyone. Be social but be appropriate, be interested in people and be inquisitive, and they will help you out. 


Many students are realizing that even the best university film program may not work for them, and are opting for programs that allow them to extern. An externship means that you will be paired with a mentor, a working professional in the field, and the student will get the opportunity to go to work with them, and see the film industry from the inside, rather than learn about it from a classroom. Students will be allowed to work with the latest technology movie studios use and be able to network with others working in a real film studio. Building up your network of connections can start with that. 


Making it in the film industry can be difficult, and the best university film program may not be the option you should go for, but every individual is different and must do plenty of research and decide on their own. 

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