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When in High School, many students start thinking about going to college after graduation. To prepare for this, they might take college prep courses, to give them an idea of the degree of difficulty these classes might be in college.

Upon beginning college, students are usually given an advisor. This person will help them figure out their schedule, and determine what courses to take. For some, remedial classes in math may be necessary. The courses you take in college will depend upon the type of degree you are seeking.

Depending also on the type of school you attend, the courses may take place in a classroom, a lecture hall, or increasingly, online.

There are also seminars, and lab courses.

Classroom courses are taught in a traditional classroom, and may hold up to 30 students. With a class of this size, the professor is often able to give closer attention to each student. This type of course is similar to your High School courses.

Lecture Halls are usually quite large, and can have as many as 500 students. The Professor will lecture for an hour or two, while the students are encouraged to take notes. There may be slide, or PowerPoint presentations as well.

Seminars are quite a lot like the typical High School class. A seminar usually consists of 20 to 30 students and a Professor in a more intimate setting. This type of class works well for group discussions. As a rule, the class is small enough that the Professor will know who you are. Seminars are usually mandatory to attend.

Lab classes are what they sound like. Many science classes will have a lab class that goes along with them. The first part of the class will be in a lecture hall, or a classroom, and the practical portion will be in the lab. These can be Biology, physics, and even computer courses.

Online classes are a bit different. There are quite a few colleges that are completely online these days. Many classes will have course work such as reading and writing papers. There are also seminars and lectures. For the online student, (also known as a Distance Learning student) this will involve connecting to the school website, and logging in at a specific time.

Some Distance Learning schools will use a combination of online courses, and classroom attendance. This is considered a hybrid type of school. Other schools will have all the course work done on line.

Completely online college courses can be a challenge. Most professors will have office hours, in which they make themselves available to their students to answer question, discuss progress and help.

These are the usual types of courses you will find in most colleges.

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