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Most famous directors in Hollywood never took film college courses. To work in the film industry, you do not necessarily have to graduate with a diploma, or spend four years in a difficult college and university learning about film. In fact, most of Hollywood looks down on those who complete colleges, because having experience and connections matters a lot more for those looking to get a job. In Hollywood, the competition is very difficult and for the most part, people who get hired either know the people doing the hiring or recommended by someone. Spending your time working in a film studio, or interning, will get you much father in four years than going to college.


One of the biggest negatives of film school is that it can be incredibly expensive and unaffordable for most students. Many students wind up going into debt for decades afterwards just to pay for school. However, with other careers, going to school can be wise, because the job they will get afterwards will pay for school. However, in film, you can never guarantee where you will wind up, and many students never wind up making back that money. Tuition for most film schools can cost more than $100,000. Students must also factor in the loss of income (if they can not work and go to school full-time), housing (if you go to school far away, dorms can cost $3,000 a year), materials (books, camera equipment, etc.), and living expenses.


All this money that students pay for film college courses is not worth it, because students are not getting the best possible education they can. Film is one of those things that you learn by doing. By going out in the industry, working, meeting and speaking to people, you can better learn what you have to do to be successful. Unfortunately, film college classes do not prepare you for this. Most film college classes are taught by professors who never worked in the industry, or else have not worked in the industry for many years, and cannot tell their students about how the industry and business is run, which is the most vital part to getting a job in the future.


Enrolling in film school may not be the right path for you, but every individual must do plenty of research and decide how to go about getting their dream job in a way that suits them and their needs. It is not a decision to be taken likely. Students have many options besides film college courses. 

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