People Who Have Film Degrees

The truth about the Hollywood film industry is that people who have film degrees find it very difficult to find a job in the future. Having a degree in film does not mean that executives will hire you. In fact, in the movie industry, diplomas are not regarded as highly as they used to be, and students who have wasted their time in film school are usually looked down upon. Diplomas and fancy names of schools matter very little in an industry where being able to network, market yourself, and come up with creative and original material is most important. 


Those who get hired in the film industry are those who have the strongest social network, because the sad truth is that people who know you and like you will choose you to get the job over someone else who is more qualified. The Hollywood industry being what it is, extremely difficult and cut-throat, executives usually hire people they already know and have worked with, or people that come recommended to them by someone else they know and trust. This is just the way the business works, and there is no changing that. So, instead, students must practice their networking skills, because without networking skills, you will get nowhere in the job industry.


Networking can be a complete nightmare for a lot of people. We are generally shy as a species, and learning how to properly make connections with people is very, very difficult. If you know you are not very good at socializing, you must practice. Start small, practice on your own friends, and then go out and practice meeting friends of friends, their friends, etc. Even making these connections with other people your own age is good, because you never know where someone will wind up or how they will be able to help you in the future. Next, try practicing on your parents or your parents friends. Your parents friends are already working professionals in many different fields. Knowing how to network will get you much further than people who have film degrees.


You are also encouraged to go out and try to find a job yourself, rather than going to film school. Call up film studios around you, and volunteer your time if you have to. Spending your time working, even for free, in a film studio, will help you look much better. Those who have volunteered their time and take the time out to build a strong social network are always people who will get jobs over those people who have film degrees. 

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