What are Some of the Places Where You Can Learn to be a Filmmaker?

November 18, 2011

Before you dust off the mantle for your Academy Award, you need to learn how to make movies. The best place to start is in film school.

So where do you find a film school? If you live in Los Angeles, you can probable swing a stuffed cat and find several. Suppose you don’t live anywhere near Hollywood? What then? Let your fingers do the walking through the internet search engines.

There are several types of film schools. You can go to a State University, or a Community College. There are also private schools you can attend. Some of the best schools to learn filmmaking involve a one on one mentor/student approach.

There are also seminars that you can attend to learn the art of filmmaking. A word of caution on filmmaking seminars: Some of these seminars can be expensive without really giving you any real information, or more importantly; film industry contacts.

Before you attend any film school, you should check the school out. You might want to find out if any filmmakers you are familiar with have attended the school you are interested in. This would certainly be a good recommendation.

One of the best locations to learn filmmaking is your own home, in front of your computer. Unbelievably, you can get a very basic course in making movies at the following website: http://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/Filmmaking

This is bare-bones course, but you will have an understanding of how to make a movie. The cost is negligible, and most of the recommended software is either free, or has a demo available. There are some disks recommended by the instructor, which cost $20.00, but it appears to one for each course.

Here is the link for a directory of Film Schools in the United States, and Canada. You can click on the State, or Province. http://aboutfilmschools.com/

Here is the link to the UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television. You should look at this information to see how a state school approaches teaching filmmaking. http://www.tft.ucla.edu/

Finally here is the link to a school that uses the hands on mentorship approach mentioned above. http://www.filmconnection.com/ At The Film Connection, you will be assigned to a professional filmmaker, who will work with you one on one. You will be taught from the ground up, on real film shoots, which will allow you to develop the skills you need to break into the film industry.

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