Returning to Working as an Extra


After a 20 year hiatus from working in the entertainment industry, I recently decided to get back into the business.

I had done several movies and television shows as a background player, also known as an extra. I stopped when I moved from Los Angeles, and the opportunity did not exactly present itself.

I am now in the Dallas, Texas area, and have apparently found an optimum time to start back in the industry.

I signed up as talent, following their prompts to give them as much detail about myself as I could. I was required to upload a recent picture of myself, and when I was finished, I submitted everything.

Within 24 hours, I had received an email registration confirmation. I followed this link, and discovered that they also had a paid section called Agency Pro that would allow me to submit myself to various productions and give me more options.

I was not certain I wanted to go this route, so I held off for the time being, as there was a disclaimer on the site telling me that the Agency Pro registration was not necessary to getting cast as an extra.

After a couple of weeks, I had not heard anything, so I started looking at some other options. I had all but decided to go to an extras casting agency near downtown Dallas. Last Wednesday evening, I got a call asking me if I was available to work on a new show called “The Good Guys” which would be filming in Dallas the next day. I told them I would have to think it over.

Kidding! Of course, I said yes! Here I was back on a set.

Several of the extras I spoke to the next day had done one or two appearances on this show already, so I figured I have a pretty good shot at coming back. One of the casting people I spoke to who was in charge of us that day told me that there are 4 prime time shows filming in Dallas this season, so I have a good chance at getting a lot of work.

Let me tell you a bit about the show I was working on. “The Good Guys” stars Bradley Whitford, and Colin Hanks as a pair of mis-matched Dallas Detectives who have been demoted to investigating low profile property crimes. Whitfords’ Dan Stark is a drunk who is holding on t his job because he saved the Governors son, 25 years ago. Hanks plays Jack Bailey, who tends to irritate his superiors by correcting their grammar.

The set was fun and I hope to go back.