Knowing how to network online is an important step to getting a job in the entertainment industry. Unfortunately, there are many young hopefuls who plan to make it in the entertainment industry, and every company everywhere gets swamped with letters, resumes, and portfolios, so most companies choose to hire people they know, or people that come recommended to them.


People must understand that networking is not just handing out your business card to everyone you know – proper networking involves time and real communication with people. When you meet people, you must be likeable, and you must show an interest in them, rather than just go on about yourself. If people take a liking to you and become friends with you, they will be likely to help you out and get you a job. Knowing how to get people to like you is important during this process.


With the internet age, networking becomes even more simple. Being able to network well means being able to network well online. Social networking websites such as Myspace, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are excellent tools for keeping up with people. Your accounts must be professional however, as you will be using them to communicate with coworkers, friends, advisers, bosses, etc. Post interesting things related to work, and remember to keep it clean! Anything you put online can be found by people you work with, and you do not want to cost yourself a job or a call back because of something on Facebook.


Knowing how to network online through LinkedIn is a good choice. The website LinkedIn has 12.5 million users, many from big companies. Wal-Mat executives use LinkedIn, agents and scouts use LinkedIn, Apple uses LinkedIn, film production studios, radio companies, and movie companies all used LinkedIn.


Your profile on all these websites is important, this is a chance to tell people about you and what you do, why you should be hired, and what previous experience you have. This content must be interesting an original but not over the top. The goal when making a business profile is to sound like the person for the job, without sounding arrogant. Make sure to post your contact information! If you do not feel comfortable giving out your phone number, create a separate email address that you can post on your profile.


By using networking websites, you can look up people based on their interests, where they work, or field they work in. You can add them as friends, but don’t add too many friends! The point is to eventually build relationships with people. Add people you know, add their friends, but do not add strangers. If you connect with too many strangers you will have no way of knowing who will be useful to you in your quest to be hired in the industry.


Knowing how to network online is vital to actually getting a job, and if you work on your online networking skills, you may find it very useful to you.

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