Film Trade Resources

Leading film and broadcast industry people share their knowledge and experience.

Actors and Models, Female
Actresses and models for film, stage, screen and print.

Actors and Models, Male
Actors and models for film, stage, screen and print.

Actors/Models Casting Services
Casting agencies, places to be found by casting directors and production companies.

Actors/Models Info, Miscellaneous Services
Consultation, advice, articles, etc

Actors/Models Management
Management companies, agencies and more.

Actors/Models Supplies
Software, books, mailing labels and other supplies.

Film Festivals
Showcasing opportunities around the world.

Film and broadcast-related sites that don't easily fit into one of the other categories.

Link and resource directories, search engines, bulletin boards, articles, and other informational resources.

Non-profit associations dedicated to helping people in the film and broadcasting fields.

Screenwriters, comedians, on-air personalities and other industry amateurs and professionals.

Head shots, portraits, action, etc.

Production Companies
Companies that provide full-line production services.

Production Music and Audio
Composers, special effects, post houses and more.

Production Personnel
Directors, cameramen, stuntmen and others.

Production Services
Support services such as editing, photography and special effects.

Showcases and Promotion
Sites offering to post and/or promote your material both online and offline.

Books, film, cameras, lighting and other filming accessories, processing equipment and software, and more.

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