About 2 Online talent database featuring up and coming actors. Filmmakers can post their projects for free on the job board

ABWAG: a “feel, think, do” method of acting originally taught by Don Richardson, and now passed on by Tiny Ron

Acting Depot: a resource for both aspiring and professional actors. Offers access to agents in Hollywood, New York and nationwide. Plus links to many other important resources for actors

Acting For Singers: acting coach Shelley Johnson’s program designed for singers. Acting techniques to enhance stage presence and vocal performance. Individual sessions or workshops collaborating with voice teachers

Acting Up: online resources including acting sites, screenwriting resources, production information, photographers, industry reference sites and filmians

Actors Workout Studio: professional acting training with Fran Montano in Los Angeles, California. Adult, teen and children’s acting classes and coaching. Shows, productions, theater rentals and more

Steven Boyd: The Spirit Actor, is a well done commemorative and rememberance of the the actor Stephen Boyd

CanadianActor Online: a web portal dedicated to Canadian actors as well as to film, television and theatre personnel; includes over 2,600 links, discussion boards, articles and more

Florida Actors BookFAB, the who, what, where and how guide for actors and models, beginners to professionals, in the SE USA. A reference tool for making connections and working. offering showbiz listings, a contact directory, information, and tips

My Acting Agent: a free online service that explains how to find a talent agency, how to get acting auditions, movie auditions and land a talent agent

Parsec Santa: for exploration, creativity, learning and entertainment about art, actors, theatre, entertainment, mystery, books, global ads and greedo a database of industry people with forums, resource links and more

Websites4actors.comwebsites4actors creates professional websites for actors, offering personal service and professional results at a price that will fit into an actor’s budget

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