Actors and Models (Male)

Kim S. Andersen: an actor with film, TV and stage experience


Richard Azurdia: LA based Latino actor. Credits, upcoming events, and industry links


Nate Barlow: a Los Angeles-based writer, actor, director and producer


Mark Bedell: actor, stunt performer, special effects artist, playwrite, martial artist, weapons expert and more


Gene Costa, Jr.: a model/actor who generally fits such roles as a lawyer, doctor, judge, golfer, police sergeant and more


Don G. Campbell: southeast-based actor with film, TV and commercial experience. Age range 35-50


Aaron Fiore

Riley G: an ex-policeman who is now an actor and stuntman, with a long list of credits in film, television and more


Rand Gamble: a southern California-based actor with indie film experience

Gregory Jbara tall, dark and handsome Juilliard trained actor with a variety of hit stage, film and tv credits


Fred Jessua: an actor based in France with a resume that includes film, dramatic theater and television


Hadrian Jonathan: Australian-based actor who invites you to view his up-to-date news, film stills, a multimedia section, a picture gallery, updates, resume, headshots and much more


Kevin Lasit: has been featured on television shows, independent movies, commercials, industrials, and voice over work. Since 1993 he has been trying to get an audition for the Star Wars prequels; episode 3 is his last chance . . .


Duff MacDonald: is a Saskatchewan born, Toronto based actor, singer, look-a-like, artist and songwriter


Randy Marquis: actor with experience on stage, film and video, writer, filmaker

Ian Alexander Martin: a self-professed "actor-in-training" with a host of credits to his name


Tim McKinney: a 21-year-old actor/stunt performer


Andy McQuade UK based actor and star of cult feature film, Superstar DJ


Michael Pope: a classically trained and well respected British Actor / Director working in Britain and throughout Europe in television, theatre, radio, advertising and corporate videos


Max Raven: tough guy actor and writer for film, tv and video


Peter Mark Richman: his career, his art, his new film and his two new books


Stian: an actor in NYC, is also the person to contact when it comes to classic Italian scooters in film and video shoots. With access to all the best bikes and riders in the tri-state area, he can organize all the scooter related aspects of the shoot, including stunts.


Jimmy Thomas

Jimmy Thomas: a fitness model, certified personal trainer, martial artist, screenwriter, and actor


David Ury: Ury is a trilingual actor and imrproviser based in the Los Angeles area. He has studied improvisation and acting with The Groundlings, Improv Olympic West, and many others. David plays both comedic and dramatic roles

Todd Wall: an actor with a rich history in theater and television. SAG, AEA, AFTRA

Ladd York: Los Angeles based actor, seen in film, television and commercials


David M.Zuber: an actor living in New York City. His interests lie in film, television, and theatre. He has a B.A. degree in Drama with honors from The Catholic University of America in Washington DC

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