Film Showcases and Promotion

A-List Promotions: we bring people to your event! We'll place your posters, fliers, and products into a variety of retail locations. We'll also coordinate a team of 4 or more reps in high trafficked locations to perform a hand to hand street campaign within the Philadelphia market
(Submit and Watch Films for Free!): an online theater established for the independent filmmaker. You can view free streaming films and submit your film for free. There are also links to film chat, film schools, film festivals, celebrities, and much more

B-Movie Film Vault
:Fighting the good fight for B-Movie lovers

Big Movie Zone
: a very comprehensive big movie fan resource, covering every IMAX and other giant screen theater and film, worldwide. Includes original, streaming clips with exclusive footage, plus original reviews, interviews, articles, and columns, trailers, behind-the-scenes clips, and more. The site includes updated film listings for every Giant Screen theater worldwide and direct links to online ticket purchase wherever available.

Canadian Film.Com
: a site celebrating the history of the films and theaters in Canada, including stills and agood list of reference books
: offers opportunities for Short Feature filmmakers to present their work to a broad, worldwide audience

Film Forum
: New York's leading movie house for independent premieres and repertory programming

Film Jumper
: Got a film related web site but still need traffic? Click on over to and get some!

Independent Film Depot
: offering independent filmmakers a free forum to place their films and merchandise for sale

Independent Review Room
: aiming to assist film makers to the best of their ability. Amateur film services include low-budget film reviews, promotion of budget companies, advertisements for their offers and wants, and help locating a film distributor for the UK/Europe.
the place for screenwriters. Period. Submit your screenplays online for free to a company that can make a difference

Motion Picture Arts: an extremely clean, well-designed site. Their mission is: Produce and promote vangard films of the surreal and sublime; explore new cinematic forms and functions

The Lyceum
: the fastest growing "not for profit" voice over directory within the United States. Providing voice over solutions in multiple languages 24 hours a day
: a delivery service. They deliver your reel anywhere in the world. Instantly. They are not an agency. Myshowreel takes no commission for any work you get through being on the site

Planet Shark Productions
: LA film and video production company specializing in short format media projects and music videos. Planet Shark also produces, markets, and promotes film, record, and DVD release parties & other industry events

Raspberry and Lavender
: the movie, directed by Johnny Kim, produced by Dereko Entertainment LLC

Reality Crash Productions
: a showcase of original and creative projects from writers, artists, film makers and critics. They are looking for people to contribute to the site. You retain full rights for your work and a web page is provided for you, free of charge

: a FREE Internet community offering filmmakers, animators, writers and composers global promotion through streaming media and personal websites

Scriptapalooza Screenwriting Competition
: March 1st deadline approaching for the 4th Annual Scriptapalooza Screenwriting Competition. First prize is $10,000 and screenwriting software for the 3 winners, 10 runners up and 17 finalists. The top thirteen winners will be considered by Scriptapalooza’s outstanding participants which include; AMG, Samuel Goldwyn Films, Film Colony, Evolution, Pheonix Pictures and many more. Sponsors include Screenplay Systems and The Writer's Store. For further information or an application please visit
or call 323.654.5809

Short Films Wanted:
A huge directory of calls for short films: buyers, distributors, showcases, festivals, financiers, foundations, grants, TV channels, seeking for shortz, all for short filmmakers and short movies.
: created to provide an almost infinite audience for budding film-makers and their films, using QuickTime technology

UK Film Talk
: is a UK based film community for film makers and film lovers. Users can tell people about their projects and comment on other people's. As well as submit links to their own web sites, take part in polls and send messages to other users. Aiming to create a networking group and to bring audiences to independant films that might otherwise go unnoticed

Weak & Foolish Productions
: In the business of independent film and TV production? Use their free "Megapitch Submit" feature to reach potential investors. Search their talent links and filmmakers bookstore

Writers' Script Network: helping producers easily find a good script, saving time for the agent and manager in locating the right people for their clients' scripts, and greatly increasing exposure for the screenwriter

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