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Your Albany Film School Alternative

You’ve heard it before. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. But film school graduates are sent out into the world knowing no one except their professors. At Albany Film Connection, we bring students along under the wings of real professional filmmakers. You can work behind the scenes and learn under a specialist in your chosen field. Our directors program, lasting eight months, has you taking a giant leap into the filmmaking process. You’ll learn screenwriting, shooting, editing, and even pitching. Want to go to L.A. to pitch your idea to an industry exectutive? We can make that happen. Who do you know? After working with us, who won’t you know?

You could easily spend 50 thousand dollars or more (plus relocation) to go to film school at a film trade school, or you could go to film school in a real production company right here in Albany for a fraction of that amount. The choice is clear! Play it smart, get on the inside track, and get connected as you get educated. Our film school alternative is the smartest, most cost efficient way on the market today to get a quality education in film.

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Albany is the state capital of New York, hosting an in-town population of roughly 93,000 people, but anchoring a much larger greater metro area of nearly 900,000. Conveniently situated within a few hours of other major cities like Boston, Toronto, Buffalo and New York City, Albany sees a sizable amount of shows and cultural events that come through the area on their way to other stops. Several production companies make their home in Albany, and New York City is roughly 3 hours to the south, making this area a great alternate location for aspiring film directors, film producers and film editors who want opportunities to learn without having to move into the craziness of NYC.

Numerous major movies, commercials, TV shows and documentaries are filmed all over New York on a regular basis, including the Albany area. Some of the movies that have filmed in this area include Salt, The Time Machine, The Age of Innocence, Angel Heart, The Other Guys, and the classic movie Lolita, just to name a few. Albany sees its share of television production, as well, including the filming of episodes of WWF Raw, Rescue 911, Evening Magazine and Cutting Edge, among others. 

The secret to FILM CONNECTION's success is our mentor-apprentice (extern) approach. During our inexpensive, 6-month course, you'll be paired with a working film or television professional who will become your personal instructor. You'll get valuable hands-on training on real film and video shoots, making industry connections that can lead to future employment. The fruit of our revolutionary system is in our graduates; over 70 percent of them get hired in the industry, many times before they even finish our progam. You owe it to yourself to see what FILM CONNECTION of Albany, New York can do for your career! 

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The Film Connection is where it all starts. We help make your dreams happen.
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