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The Film Connection is where it all starts. We help make your dreams happen.
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Your Bluefield-Beckley-Oak Hill Film School Alternative

Movies. They’re awesome. You love them. Everyone loves them. They’re the most visible art form on the globe. But they’re also the hardest business to break into. Where do you start? How do you meet people? How do you break in?

Bluefield-Beckley-Oak Hill Film Connection. That’s where you start.

The Film Connection pairs you with currently working professional filmmakers who will assist you and guide you through your creative description making process.

The Film Connection will team you up with a screenwriter, an editor and two mentors who will all help you make the correct creative decisions.

You have to face facts. Traditional film schools are expensive and time consuming. You don’t have time to sit in a lecture hall. You want to be out there making movies, right? Right.

Well, that’s exactly what Film Connection wants you to be doing.

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Located in the southern part of West Virginia, the towns of Bluefield, Beckley and Oak Hill are all relatively small communities, but they serve as a hub for a surrounding area population exceeding 200,000 people. These towns grew up around the coal industry, which remains a predominant economic factor for the area today. Entertainment professionals hailing from this area include actor Chris Sarandon, singer Little Jimmy Dickens, and film director Morgan Spurlock. Oak Hill is also remembered as the town where country legend Hank Williams passed away. 

Not only does the Bluefield-Beckley-Oak Hill area benefit from plenty of interesting and beautiful natural backdrops for location filming, but it also benefits from generous tax incentives offered by the state to attract filmmakers. Consequently, numerous films, television shows and documentaries are shot in West Virginia, including in and around the Bluefield-Beckley-Oak Hill area.  Some examples of films that have been shot in this region include We Are Marshall, Gods and Generals, Sommersby, Super Size Me, and film classics Coal Miner's Daughter and The Night of the Hunter, to name a few. If you are considering a career in filmmaking as a film director, film producer, film editor, or cameraman, the Bluefield-Beckley-Oak Hill area provides a surprising number of opportunities, and FILM CONNECTION can help you tap into those opportunities. 

Our distinct advantage over other film schools is our mentor-apprentice (extern) approach, in which we place you with a working film or television professional for personal instruction and hands-on training. In this way, any studio, sound stage or location shoot can become your classroom, and you're placed close to the real-world film industry in ways other film schools can't place you.  Enroll in our Bluefield-Beckley-Oak Hill Film School today, and discover why over 70% of our graduates get hired. 

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The Film Connection is where it all starts. We help make your dreams happen.
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