This isn’t a boring Boston film school classroom. This isn’t an overcrowded college laboratory. This is life. Real Life. YOUR LIFE.

Boston is a city that loves its media and provides plenty of opportunities for those looking to further a career in the entertainment industry. But producers and studios want real-world experience. And we feel no other film school puts you as close to the action as the Film Connection Film School in Boston.

What better way to learn the film or tv business than on-the-job, working on a real-world production, show, or series? You’ll be paired up with local mentors, filmmaking professionals who will guide your personal project and can help you get that toehold in the industry. And you’ll pay just a fraction of what you’d pay for a four-year university or “name” school. 

Don’t Spend More on your Film Education if You Don’t Have to

What makes more sense to you? Sitting in a classroom for four years, only occasionally getting your hands on the equipment, or getting in on the action from the start? Wrestling with other students to get the attention of an instructor? Or getting one-on-one time with a mentor as they teach you the tricks of the trade in today’s marketplace?

This goes beyond learning about f-stops. How you work with the talent, other crew members, studios, and clients, and learning how to build those relationships in real-time just can’t be picked up in a textbook. This isn’t to say there won’t be required reading, tests, and other benchmarks to establish. This is an educational institution after all.

But Film Connection firmly believes that getting your hands dirty as much as possible is the best way to learn about filmmaking. As they say, practice makes perfect. We put you in a position to practice for your future virtually on day one.

Meet Our Mentors

Adam Weber

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Alejandra Huerta

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Daniela Larsen

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Get Real World Film Production Experience in Boston

Our film courses in Boston are offered in real Boston production companies, giving you a first-hand look at how the media is made. But while we feel being on the set is the best way to learn about film production, it’s not the only way to get facetime with one of our mentors. For decades, Film Connection has been offering remote learning to externs, giving them a direct link to the mentors of their choice.

As we all know, commitments can often get in the way of pursuing a career that we truly want. With our virtual programs, you’ll still get the guidance you need from one of our experienced mentors. This also means you aren’t limited to Boston mentors, either. Film Connection is located in more than 40 states and such entertainment hubs as Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, and, yes, even New York. 

Our Boston Film Industry Mentors Help you Build Real World Connections

When looking for a cinematography school in Boston, you want to make sure you’re learning from the best. One of the reasons the Film Connection model is so successful is our mentors. We look for experience, communication, and a desire to work with the next generation of directors, producers, cinematographers, and more. They have to be as passionate about teaching as they are about filmmaking.

You’ll have access to the gear, get immediate feedback, and have your questions answered as soon as you ask them when learning from our Boston mentors. They know what it takes to make it in the industry and they’re ready to give you an insider’s look at the business. 

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