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Your Columbus Film School Alternative

You know the great thing about Columbus? Its newest film school, Columbus Film Connection. We’ve partnered up with the professionals working at Columbus’s numerous production companies to provide you with top-of-the-line mentors who will guide you and your filmmaking education.

There’s our 6-month behind the scenes track that shows you the nitty-gritty of working as a film professional alongside mentors who become your first industry contacts.

Our 8-month director program even gives you more. In addition to working with local mentors, with whom you will regularly report to throughout the development of your project, you will also have a dream mentor waiting for you in Los Angeles. As a final bonus, you will then fly out to L.A. during the last week of your program to deliver your pitch to your dream mentor one last time before doing so in front of a specially selected industry vet. We’ve got an impressive array of decision makers ready for this final step and their feedback on your project is unrivaled by any film program anywhere!

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Located on the western side of Georgia bordering Alabama, Columbus is a city of about 190,000 people, set in a metro area of nearly 300,000. It is within driving distance of mountains, coastline and several major cities, making it an excellent center point for location filmmaking. Additionally, the State of Georgia is very film-friendly, offering tax credit incentives of up to 30 percent for film projects, attracting lots of major film companies to do business here. Columbus is home to several film or television production companies, as well.  If you're looking for a career in filmmaking as a film director, film producer, film editor, or cameraman, Columbus, Georgia provides a great alternative to relocation elsewhere, thanks to the resources of FILM CONNECTION.

A few of the movies that have been filmed in Columbus and other regions of the state include The Fighting Temptations, We Were Soldiers, Zombieland, The Last Song, the documentary film Hidden in Plain Sight, and many others. Many of the major film companies choose Georgia for location filming, including such players as Lionsgate, Warner Brothers, Disney and Sony. In fact, the Georgia film office says that in 2009 alone, the area has seen almost 350 film and television productions.

Close proximity to great locations, amazing tax incentives and frequent exposure to major film projects makes Columbus, Georgia a surprisingly strategic place for film students to connect with film professionals–and that's a key element to the FILM CONNECTION approach.  We place you with working professionals who teach you the ropes on real-life film and television shoots, helping you make vital connections on the way. The vast majority of our film students get permanently hired, many of them even before they graduate. Come see what our Columbus, Georgia FILM CONNECTION can do for you! 

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The Film Connection is where it all starts. We help make your dreams happen.
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