This isn’t a boring Columbus film school classroom. This isn’t an overcrowded college laboratory. This is life. Real Life. YOUR LIFE.

Film Connection in Columbus, OH offers aspiring filmmakers the unique opportunity to learn filmmaking from industry professionals on-site. Rather than taking classes in a classroom environment, you will get hands-on training and real-world experience by working side by side with experienced professionals.

With Film Connection in Columbus, OH, you have the opportunity to learn about all aspects of filmmaking including cinematography, directing, editing, screenwriting, production design, sound design, and more. You will be mentored one-on-one by an instructor who is already working in the industry and will provide you with valuable advice and insight into what it takes to make it as a professional filmmaker. Your mentor can help guide you through the stages of pre production, shooting, and postproduction while helping you build relationships with other professionals in the field.

Get Real World Film Production Experience in Columbus

In addition to learning invaluable skills from your mentor during your time at Film Connection in Columbus, you can also take advantage of networking opportunities that can help jump-start your career after completion of the program. Through these connections and mentorships with industry professionals located within the same city or even across the country, you can create a portfolio of work that showcases your talents and abilities as a filmmaker.

Unlike a traditional classroom setting where you’re working with other students, you’ll be surrounded by people already making a living in filmmaking. Whether it’s your mentor, Academic Facilitator, or others within the production company, developing strong working relationships will serve you well when looking for work after the program has been completed. Many students get hired on where they externed or go elsewhere based on strong recommendations.

Meet Our Mentors

Adam Weber

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Daniel Lir

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Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs

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Alejandra Huerta

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Daniela Larsen

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Our Columbus Film Industry Mentors Help you Build Real World Connections

At Film Connection in Columbus, we understand that becoming a successful filmmaker requires knowledge of both creative techniques as well as business fundamentals. That’s why our courses are designed to give you not only practical technical know-how but also an understanding of the business landscape and tips for marketing yourself as an independent artist so that when you’re ready to pursue a career in filmmaking it’s easier for you to do so successfully.

Your mentor has already made a name for themselves in the industry, so they know what it takes to get your foot in the door and a seat at the table. You’ll learn how to manage interpersonal relationships to reach a shared goal: a finished project. But you’ll also learn about other jobs within the industry, such as an accountant, an entertainment lawyer, and other crossover careers. We’ll show you how the industry works so you can make the most of what you already know.

Don’t Spend More on your Film Education if You Don’t Have to

In addition to providing access to resources and guidance throughout your program experience at Film Connection in Columbus, we also offer job placement assistance after completing our program so that students can find jobs related to their film studies or use their newfound skills in other areas such as media production or documentary filmmaking.  With this comprehensive approach to learning filmmaking combined with our commitment to student success we believe that any individual who is passionate about making films has just what they need at Film Connection in Columbus.

Learn the skills you need to take your idea from paper to the big screen.

Real world film education by filmmakers for filmmakers, optimized for today!


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