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The Film Connection is where it all starts. We help make your dreams happen.
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Your Dallas Film School Alternative

The Dallas, Texas Film Connection Film School Advantage

1) Learn Where You Live.

The Film Connection has hundreds of locations throughout the United States, including several in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area! Our on-the-job training approach means we don’t need a central campus in order to train you. Save the moving expenses, keep your day job, and learn film production, directing, screenwriting and film editing without having to move to go to film school.
Learn near where you live. Advantage: Film Connection.

2) Low Tuition Means You Graduate With Little or No Debt.

It’s ludicrous to take on tens of thousands of dollars in debt just when you’re trying to launch a film career. With the other film schools, unless your dad is an oil baron, you’ll have no choice. The Film Connection works differently. We have found ways to provide a better education than the other guys, for a lot less money. Our tuition is so low that many of our students graduate debt free, ready to get on with their careers.
Other schools not only cost more, they have lots of add-on charges. Advantage: Film Connection.

3) On-the-Job Training—No Classrooms!

Why take film school with a bunch of students in a classroom when you could learn the same thing more effectively on-the-job? The Dallas Film Connection doesn’t believe in classrooms—we believe you need to learn in the work place. That’s why every one of our students is placed as a working apprentice (extern) inside a real film production company, from day one until the day of graduation.
Real-world experience, not useless theoretical classroom instruction. Advantage: Film Connection.

4) One-on-One Training With a Real Professional.

Our unique mentor-apprentice (extern) approach means you won’t be sharing your instructor with 20-30 other students. Instead, you’ll be paired with an actual film industry professional with real credits and lots of experience. This person will become your personal mentor, teaching you everything you need to know in order to make it in the film business. Many of our students stay connected with their mentors long after they graduate. We wouldn’t have it any other way.
One teacher to one student. Advantage: Film Connection.

5) Endorsements from Hundreds of Film Professionals.

More certified film industry pros endorse the Film Connection than any other school. Why? Because they understand how the industry works, and they see that our program works better at getting people launched into film careers than the other guys do. We’re endorsed by some of the biggest names in the business, and many of them even teach students for us.
More professional endorsements than any other film school. Advantage: Film Connection.

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6) Job Placement Assistance (Really).

The “job assistance” offered by most film schools is a joke—quite often, it’s an outdated list of job openings for you to “cold call.” With the Dallas Film Connection, your tuition includes enrollment in our Stay Connected Program, which offers active job placement assistance for up to a year after you graduate. (Hint: many of our students don’t even need this program. They’re so connected to the industry by the time they finish their apprenticeship (externship)s that most of them get hired right away.)
“Job placement” at other schools means handing you a cold-call lead list when you graduate. Advantage: Film Connection.

7) You’re On the Inside from Day One.

No need to go pounding on doors with our program; from day one, you’re in the door! We train you as an apprentice (extern) in an actual film production company in Dallas, which means you have the inside track to the industry from your very first day of training.
The other guys are on the outside, looking in. Advantage: Film Connection.

8) Unlimited Free Tutoring.

We don’t believe in simply processing our students through the program. We are committed to your success. That’s why we offer free, unlimited tutoring to all our students. If you get stuck on an assignment, there’s always someone you can call.
Unlimited free tutoring. Advantage: Film Connection.

9) Connections.

No matter how well you know your craft, you won’t get anywhere in the film business without connections. You can’t make those connections sitting in a classroom with other students; you can only make them by getting out where the film people are. The Film Connection gears its entire approach around getting you connected to the industry. By training you on-the-job in a real production facility, we give you the chance to meet and connect with hundreds of bona fide industry pros, enabling you to impress them with your skills so they will remember you next time they need help.
Real world film industry connections. Big Advantage: Film Connection.

10) From Dallas to Hollywood!

There’s plenty to do in the Dallas film scene, but if you want more, we’ve got it for you. Our curriculum is designed to help you through the process of developing your very own film idea. When you’re finished with your apprenticeship (externship), we give you the unprecedented opportunity to PITCH that film in Los Angeles in front of real Hollywood movie executives! You read that correctly: we’ll arrange a meeting in LA with real industry executives, giving you the chance to pitch your film. NO OTHER FILM SCHOOL offers this kind of opportunity.
A real chance to break into Hollywood. Big Advantage: Film Connection. NO OTHER FILM SCHOOL DOES THIS.

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There’s only one Film School in Dallas that gets you in the door of a real Dallas film production company as an apprentice (extern), where you can learn directing, producing, editing, cinematography and screenwriting from a real film professional. Make no mistake, the smartest way to break into the film business in Dallas is by working as a film apprentice (extern) inside a Dallas film production company–and the FILM CONNECTION is the school that can put you there.

Why would you spend upwards of 50 thousand dollars to go to film school at a college or film trade school, when you can spend far less money and go to film school in a real production company? Make the smart choice: learn directly from the pros in a real-world environment, gaining vital industry connections along the way. Our film school alternative is the smartest, most cost efficient way to get a quality film education.

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DALLAS, Texas, along with FORT WORTH, ARLINGTON and other area cities, collectively comprise the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex, the 6th largest DMA in the United States. Besides being a major hub for commerce and hosting major sports teams like the Dallas Cowboys (NFL), Texas Rangers (MLB) and Dallas Mavericks (NBA), Dallas is also a hotbed for film and TV production activity, with more than 2 dozen major television stations and with its own film office, serving the needs of hundreds of film and television productions. Here’s just a glimpse at the many major productions that have filmed on location in and around the Dallas Metroplex:

  • Batman & Robin
  • RoboCop (1987)
  • Dallas (TV Series, 1978-1991)
  • Dallas (the remake TV Series, 2012-present)
  • Bonnie & Clyde
  • Born On the Fourth of July
  • The Tree of Life
  • JFK
  • The Faculty

With all the film activity going on in and around Dallas, there is a multitude of mentor apprentice (extern) opportunities for those looking to produce, direct, edit, work camera or lighting, or other film opportunities. The FILM CONNECTION Film School in Dallas has the perfect on-the-job course for you. We’ll pair you with a real film professional in a real production company, and before you know it, you will be working on a film set, a TV studio or location shoot receiving one-on-one training from an industry professional. Within about 6 months, you’ll be well trained and well connected, ready to launch your career in film! And if you want to take it all the way to Hollywood, our structured curriculum will guide you through the process of developing your very own film idea, and then we’ll even arrange for you pitch your film to actual Hollywood executives! Can you name one other film school that offers this?

Over our history of nearly 30 years, the FILM CONNECTION has helped many students just like you break into the film industry through our unique mentor-apprentice (extern) approach. There’s a reason more than 70 percent of our students go on to rewarding film careers after graduating our program: simply put, no one gets you closer to the film industry than we do. Enroll today, and let us get you on the set!

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The Film Connection is where it all starts. We help make your dreams happen.
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