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Film Connection Graduate Gets Hired by Mentor

It can be easy for each of us to to describe ourselves as hyperactive when we were children. For some that title might come with a few headaches, at least for our parents sake. Celisa Meals of Denton, Texas was such an excitable child her parents hoped to channel her spontaneity towards the families home video camera. Through that spark she was able to grow into an independent photography studio where her love for cinematography blossomed.

Her next step was to try her hand at a four-year university. Unfortunately she found, like many students across the country, that sometimes the “system” for creating today's college graduates does not lend itself to practical experience or true artistic freedom.

Luckily for her, escape was an option when she learned of the Film Connection program.

She left her university and returned home. From there, she was able to secure her acceptance to national film and television studio in Fort Worth, TX. Once ‘inside’ she began working feverishly assist her mentor and his studio with a multitude of projects coming in and out of production.

In time, Celisa was given the chance to work a paid job with her mentor’s studio upon her graduation from the program.
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— Celisa Meals, Denton, Texas

Learn by doing.

"Today, I went to my mentors’ house, where I was helping with the shoot of a few commercials for a professional film. I was mostly filming behind-the-scenes footage. I have to admit at this point that I'm starting to see the fun in filmmaking. It's not every day that you get to film a girl with a Brooklyn accent flipping over a table. The commercials were really fun to make. The next day I went to my mentors’ studio, helping with the shooting of another commercial. This was the first time I got to see the use of what is called a TRI-ANGLE, which looks like a mix between a crane and a tripod. I kept imagining myself making great use of that in the future. The commercial we were shooting involved a Donald Trump parody talking to three of his employees about the most important things in business, including a guy who cleaned carpets. Once more, I couldn't help but feel the fun of filmmaking. The following day, once again, I went down to the studio to help with the commercial for the film my mentors’ has in the works, where they were shooting in infrared their warehouse with the lights out. I have to admit that it was pretty interesting conversing with other big film fanatics. Then the next day I helped with another episode of the Car Pro Show I have been working on in the studio. Once more, things went pretty smoothly; we got the web show recorded, we got three live shots out, and I even helped a bit with organizing lights in the back room."
— Curren Waters, Granbury, TX

Work Directly with Your Mentors’ Clients

“In this lesson, Cinematic Leadership, it was easy to identify with the terms and descriptions of crew and cast personalities because of the wide variety of people I have been fortunate enough to work with through the studios. I have encountered the diva-liscious personas who look past everyone and expect the world to fall at their feet, and I have had the pleasure of meeting some very cultured, educated, and just all around influential clients through this opportunity. I firmly believe that many of the people who work for my mentor’s studio possess remarkable qualities that are inspiring and necessary for great leaders. One of my biggest vices is lack of patience – being able to watch the president and vice president and how they communicate with people daily, especially under pressure, has helped encourage me to have more patience with myself and with others. I like to get things done, so I asked my mentor’s advice on how he keeps it all cool for the crowd and is still able to manage what has been brought forth upon him.”
— Celisa Meals, Denton, Texas

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