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Learn how a great looking commercial is made on the actual set.

“Today when I walked into the studio we had a shoot inside the studio. It was actually an interview for the online show. Still it is not started yet, but it was only a promo for the advertising company so they can bring in commercials. The whole setup was basically in front of green screen. It was actually a demand by our clients that they want a certain background so that’s why we had to use a green screen affect. The show is about the real estate, so basically they will be interviewing top real estate agents. They were questioning them about the real estate world and all necessary questions which people should know before buying homes.

We thought of bringing two cameras, one is stationary and covering the back shot including both the people on the set. The second one is motionary, which was being operated by another person, taking the closeup shot on the person who is speaking. I was the one taking the wide shot and getting the idea of the second camera. Hopefully I can do the Second camera job next time, since very soon it will be a regular practice. I also learned the 3-point lighting concept, but as it was inside shoot so we needed more lighting for the green affect too. This whole experience was very meaningful to me and I learned the power of inside shoot”
— Sam Arain, Houston, TX

Learn on Real Sets and Real Projects

“I studied with Film Connections film school program in Houston, Texas. As part of my training, I apprenticed at a small production company here in town. My mentor took me on all kinds of film and video sets like a corporate videos, commercials for local businesses and news spots. I got to operate the camera, work with lights, casting, electric, post production and I even got to sit in with my mentor when he met with clients. There is no way that a regular film school can compare to this. I learned on real sets and real projects, not is some classroom on pretend projects. There’s an old saying, “Those that can do, those that can’t teach.” I’m glad I choice to study from film professionals who are actually doing real film work.”
— David Jusenski, Houston, TX

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