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Your Kansas City Film School Alternative

Getting your film career off the ground in Kansas City has never been possible like this. We’re Kansas City Film Connection and we’re ready with mentors in every area of production to help you get your foot in the door.

Our 6-month behind the scenes track will present you with local mentors who are professionals in the local filmmaking industry. Visit them at their production houses or studios to learn how the process happens. Our directors track, which lasts eight months, is more thorough and takes your filmmaking project from idea to pitch. Working with not only local mentors, but dream mentors in Los Angeles, you will put together a short scene or trailer with an eye towards marketing it. For your final week, you will be flown out to L.A. to pitch your project to an industry professional who may even give you the go-ahead!

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Located on the western border of Missouri, Kansas City is the largest city in the state, hosting a population of nearly 500,000 people, plus a greater metro population exceeding 2 million. Culturally speaking, Kansas City is perhaps best known for its blues, jazz and barbecue; jazz greats Count Basie and Charlie Parker hailed from this area, among others. Among the many other entertainment industry people with ties to Kansas City are composer Burt Bacharach; musicians David Cook, Chely Wright and Melissa Etheridge; actors Joan Crawford, Chris Cooper, Ed Asner, and Jean Harlow; cartoon animator Fritz Freling; and entertainment icon Walt Disney.

The film industry is significant in Kansas City. Not only are there several production companies in this area, but Kansas City is home to numerous major film festivals and regularly sees location shooting of movies, television shows, commercials and documentaries. If you are considering a career in filmmaking as a film director, film producer, film editor, or cameraman, Kansas City definitely provides enough opportunities to be a great alternative to moving to other known film hotspots like New York or Los Angeles.  

Some of the movies that have been filmed in Kansas City include Bruno, Four Brothers, Mr. & Mrs. Bridge, Superhero Movie, and the classic film In Cold Blood, just to name a few. Television production is also significant here; television series that have shot in Kansas City include WWF Raw; Diners, Drive-ins and Dives; and Antiques Roadshow–not to mention the regular live television coverage of professional sports teams such as the Kansas City Chiefs (NFL) and the Kansas City Royals (MLB).

With the large volume of film and TV production activity happening consistently in Kansas City, coupled with generous tax incentives offered to filmmakers by the state of Missouri, this area is ideal for both film students and filmmaking professionals to connect. FILM CONNECTION gets you into the thick of it by pairing you with a working industry professional in Kansas City, who will be your personal instructor, giving you hands-on experience and helping you make vital industry connections. Come find out why over 70 percent of our graduates get hired, sometimes even before they finish our film school! 

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The Film Connection is where it all starts. We help make your dreams happen.
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