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In the Film Connection for Film Production & Editing program, you will study directing, producing and screenwriting as you develop your movie idea with a professional filmmaker. Then, upon meeting the necessary requirements, you will be given the opportunity to fly to Los Angeles or New York and pitch your film idea to an executive who could buy or get your movie made.

Film Production & Editing Details

In the Film Connection for Cinematography program, you will learn the techniques involved in capturing a moving image and will start to develop “the eye of the DP.” The cinematographer is literally the set ‘magician.’ DPs are responsible for the technological wizardry required to get the needed shots and to shape light to achieve the director’s desired artistic effect.

Cinematography Details

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We provide job placement services.


Other students learn in classrooms...

OUR students learn in:


REAL Radio Stations

REAL Recording Studios

REAL Film Production Companies


Where jobs get filled.

When jobs become available, our students are often the first to know and get hired.

Long story short:

Our way just makes sense.

Our mentors want to hire people like you.

Afterall, if they’ve trained you themselves,
they know what you’re capable of.

See why we call ourselves Film Connection.
To find out exact job placement numbers in your area, give us a call.

We're here to help.

We provide job placement services.

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Other students learn in classrooms...

OUR students learn in the same places where jobs get filled.


REAL Radio Stations

REAL Recording Studios

REAL Film Production Companies

When jobs become available, our students are often the first to know and get hired.

Long story short:

Our way just makes sense.

Our mentors want to hire people like you.

Afterall, if they’ve trained you themselves,
they know what you’re capable of.

See why we call ourselves Film Connection.

To find out exact job placement numbers in your area, give us a call.

(800) 600-6956

We're here to help.

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Real World
Film Education

From directing to producing to editing and screenwriting, our mentor-taught programs avoid the unnecessary costs and unrelated requirements of ordinary film schools and programs. Work directly with an accomplished industry filmmaker at a film production company or receive direct one-on-one training online.


Film Connection’s mentor styled education is a cost-effective approach to real-world, curriculum backed education in film production and editing and cinematography.


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$12,750** Tuition
$0* Loan Interest


$44,000 Tuition
$61,000 Loan Interest

Junior College

$22,000 Tuition
$20,500 Loan Interest

Traditional College

$88,000 Tuition
$122,000 Loan Interest

**Total cost varies by program
*Average Accrued Interest Charges
Sources: Sallie Mae student loan calculator - Nerd Wallet - Best Value Schools - Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

About Our Louisville Film School Film School Alternative

Our fully-immersive curriculum
covers all of the following:

Building Relationships

Learn filmmaking in the real world with the Film Connection’s mentored externship-based approach. We make building relationships an integral part of what we do.

Hardware and Equipment

Film Connection mentors work in the real world where the competition is fierce and having the right gear matters. As an extern you have access to the latest hardware and tools of the trade.

On-Set Etiquette

Knowing how to handle yourself on the set is a prerequisite for careers in the film industry. Your mentor will guide you through proper etiquette during real film shoots.

Making Movies

We believe the whole point of going to any film school or certificate program should be to learn how to make movies—especially YOUR movie. Our Film Production & Editing curriculum is designed around this concept, from start to finish.

What is the Next Step?

We get it. This isn’t your normal four-year college requiring coursework not associated with your area of interest. We are a post-secondary institution or trade school that's different in its approach. Here's how you can get more info:

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Louisville Film School News

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Location Management: How Camera and Location Departments Work Together

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Looking In Weird Places

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The Upside of Side Projects

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Which Books are Good to Adapt?

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Why Manners Matter in Music, Film, and TV

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The Film Scene in Louisville Film School

The Louisville Film School, Kentucky Film Connection Film School Alternative

Do your research and, chances are, you’ll learn that when it comes to building a successful career in the film industry two things are key: you’ve got to know the right people, and you’ve got to be dependable, hardworking, and willing to bring your ‘A’ game, day in, day out.

Film Connection film school alternative in Louisville isn’t geared towards teaching you all about the major and minor film movements of the 20th century, nor are we about getting our students to write lots of papers and delve into film criticism. We’re focused on offering people who are really committed to building their careers in film, television, and commercial production with actual local industry professionals who mentor them on the ins-and-outs of film production in a direct, one to one manner.

There’s no sitting in a lecture hall or classroom here. With Film Connection you could get the opportunity to be on-location filming on real productions as an extern to your mentor. All of your hands-on, real world lessons will be backed with preparatory material in our industry oriented curriculum that’s all about empowering you to acquire the foundational knowledge and understanding you actually need to start building uour career in film. We believe getting valuable real world experience and being right where you need to be to meet local pros and connect with industry people is far more important than sitting in a classroom.

The Film Connection isn’t like normal film schools. At Film Connection we want to help you make the movies you by want to make. Do you have the best Slasher Film ever made jumping around in your head? We want to help you make it.

The Film Connection will pair you up with an experienced screenplay writer who works directly with you via remote conferencing or telephone, to take your idea and flesh it out into a well-hewn concept. From there, you then learn how to write that 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Act, craft an effective midpoint, and in short, develop what was once a mere “idea” into a ready-to-pitch script.

Along with your primary filmmaking mentor and your screenplay mentor, you will also have an Academic Facilitator at “headquarters” i.e. our Online Education and Administrative Offices, located in Los Angeles, CA.

By the end of the program you’ll have a finished screenplay, a sizzle reel trailer for your film, and two fully produced scenes from your proposed film.

And the best part? We’ll get you in the room to pitch it to a real studio executive.

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Louisville is the largest city in Kentucky, anchoring a metropolitan area of over 1.2 million people. Home to the Kentucky Derby, it is perhaps best known for its thoroughbred horse racing, which gets plenty of media coverage. Louisville is a river city, set along the Ohio River, and its proximity to rolling countryside and other major cities like Cincinnati and Indianapolis make it a great place to find good locations for filmmaking. Numerous entertainment industry pros hail from this area, including TV anchorwoman Diane Sawyer, musicians Joan Osborne and Wilson Pickett, and actors Sean Young, Victor Mature, Maggie Lawson, William Conrad, Ned Beatty and Irene Dunn.

Louisville sees a lot of film and television production activity. Some of the well known movies that have been filmed in and around Louisville include Elizabethtown, Stripes, Demolition Man, Eight Men Out, Goldfinger, The Insider, Secretariat and The Return of the Living Dead, just to name a few. Some of the television series that have shot episodes here include High Chaparall, The Girls Next Door and Trading Spouses, among others. If you are considering a career as a film producer, film director, film editor or cameraperson, there are opportunities in Louisville to get connected and educated, as opposed to relocating to New York or Los Angeles–and Film Connection can help you make those connections and get going at building a future you’re excited about.

FILM CONNECTION film school alternative of Louisville offers an inexpensive, six month course that will hook you up with a working film or television professional who will serve as your personal instructor and mentor. Not only will you gain hands-on experience, but you also have the oppotunity to make valuable connections with industry professionals–connections that can lead to permanent employment. Many Film Connection graduates get hired after graduation or launch their careers as freelancers or independent contractors in film. Come and see what we can do for your career!

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Current Louisville Student News

Learning By Doing: Keith Huff Shoots His Debut Short Film in Louisville, KY

Learning By Doing: Keith Huff Shoots His Debut Short Film in Louisville, KY

Keith Huff enrolled in the Film Connection to learn by doing. When he was placed with mentor Herschel Zahnd of American Recording Co. in Louisville, KY, little could he have known how much he would learn in a short time.

Of course, Herschel got him on the set as a student extern right away, and it wasn’t long before Keith was playing a key part of several of Herschel’s projects. But the real lessons came when it was time for Keith to start work on his own film—a short titled “For Sale By Owner.”

At the time, it felt a lot like Murphy’s Law. Keith relates that during the several-day film shoot, he lost locations, had to fire actors, and had to grab shots in between daily thunderstorms that plagued his shoot.

“It was mid-July, 100-degree weather,” Keith recalls. “Thunderstorms every single day would just come in right at the end. We would finish a scene and then dark clouds…We actually lost our set on the third day…But we just kind of rolled with it and made it work.”

It was truly life experience. “Herschel told me, ‘I can’t believe this. You’re probably getting 10 years’ worth of experience just in three days!’ Just because of all the crazy stuff we had.”

Perseverance paid off, however. Not only did Keith finish the shoot successfully (his debut will be released soon), but he’s more determined than ever to make a go of it as a filmmaker. When we caught up with him recently, Keith told us that not only does he have several projects of his own in the queue, but he plans to continue working with his mentor—proof that the relationships you make as an extern can last well beyond school.

“You couldn’t ask for a better mentor,” says Keith. “He really knows his stuff…We’ve already forged a friendship, and I’ve already got plans to be working with him on future projects. So it’s not just like, ‘Hey, your program is over. Goodbye.’ I feel like we are going to be working together for a while.”

Read More from Keith Huff

Connections Matter

Learn From Industry Pros

The Film Connection film school alternative is endorsed by filmmakers who are making movies, maybe even the movies you love.

Professionals in the film business—including famous producers, screenwriters and directors—endorse Film Connection’s programs for one simple reason: they know our real-world method works.

Hans Zimmer

From his early days in pop music, Hans has written original scores for such films as Batman Begins (2005), The Dark Knight (2008), Gladiator (2000), The Da Vinci Code (2005) Sherlock Holmes (2009) and over 100 others.

Learn More

Joel Schumacher

Joel Schumacher and RRF have donated to The Endometriosis Foundation of America. This group aims to increase disease recognition, provide advocacy, facilitate expert surgical training, and fund landmark endometriosis research.

Learn More

Larry King

The Film Connection was recently invited onto the Larry King program to talk about how our externship program is making a difference by connecting our students and getting them hired.

Learn More

Dr. Drew

Dr. Drew and RRF have helped Tracey Wilson, a former gang member, get into film school, and are now helping him make his first documentary about getting your GED and going to college.

Learn More

Judi Levine

Sundance Award-winning Producer of the Academy Award-winning film, The Sessions.

Learn More

Judge Mathis

Judge Mathis and RRF are helping inner city youth get educated through the RRF program.

Learn More

Sandy Stern

Credits: Being John Malkovich, Saved! and Velvet Goldmine.

Learn More

Henry Bromell

Henry Bromell produced, created, directed the series Homeland, and has written and produced the television dramas Northern Exposure, I’ll Fly Away, Homicide: Life on the Street, Chicago Hope, Carnivale, Brotherhood, Rubicon, and Homeland.

Learn More

Paul Guay

Credits: Liar Liar, The Little Rascals, Hearbreakers

Learn More

Evan Astrowsky

“I went to a good film school, but the day I graduated I had no idea what to do. No one wanted to hand me thousands of dollars to direct or produce anything so I had to figure it out on my own.”

Learn More

Ron Osborn

Credits: The West Wing, Meet Joe Black, Duckman

Learn More

Doug Eboch

Credits: Sweet Home Alabama, The Hollywood Pitching Bible

Learn More

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Film Connection provides affordable, unique education models coupled with mentor-based (externship) programs that can be engaged remotely or in person.

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