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“My first session went great with my mentor. We first started off the day by working on an opening and ending statement from someone who works at the St. Jude Hospital. We started off by setting up a 3 point lighting set up with tungsten lighting, then worked our way to more lights as we needed. Some of the lights I got to set up had gels to diffuse the amount of light hitting the clients face. From this I learned how to work with different c-stands and gels. Along with this I learned how to white balance a camera to make the sure the picture was perfect with the lighting. With my mentor we moved on to working on step-by-step directions on how to set up a teleprompter for the client to read off of. While working on this I was mostly with my mentor working one-one-one, however, I also got to work with the camera operator, who showed me a lot of useful tricks with lighting and green screen. Overall, looking back on my day spent with my mentor, it was really a great day filled with a lot of learning.”
— Antonio Perez, Miami FL

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