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Your Muscle Shoals Film School Alternative

If you’re looking for a Muscle Shoals Film School, you’ve come to the right place. FILM CONNECTION is the only school that gets you in the door of an actual Muscle Shoals area film production company, where you can learn the arts of directing, producing, editing, general production and more as a film student apprentice (extern), working one-on-one with the pros. In Muscle Shoals, there’s no better way to get started in a film career than by apprenticing in a Muscle Shoals film company–and no better school that FILM CONNECTION to get you on that path.

Why spend 50 thousand dollars or more (plus relocation costs) to go to a typical film school elsewhere, when you can learn the filmmaking arts in a real film production company for far less? Make the smart move for your future, and get a real-world education while making important industry connections. Our film school alternative is hands-down the most effective and most cost-efficient way to learn filmmaking.

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Located in northwestern Alabama, the small town of Muscle Shoals has a long-standing reputation as a hot-spot for music, but Muscle Shoals and the surrounding area also sees its share of location filming for movies, TV shows, documentaries and commercials. Some of the productions that have been filmed in Muscle Shoals and the vicinity include Tom and Huck, Space Camp, The Amazing Race, The River, and Cobb, to name a few. A 2006 documentary about Bob Dylan (Bob Dylan 1975-1981: Rolling Thunder and the Gospel Years) was also filmed in Muscle Shoals. The state of Alabama also offers generous tax breaks to filmmakers, providing an ongoing incentive for future projects to be filmed in the area.

The Muscle Shoals area is home to several film production companies, and the regular film, TV and commercial production activity afford numerous learning opportunities for film students who prefer the small-town environment to relocating to larger cities like New York or L.A. Muscle Shoals offers you a unique blend of real-world opportunities and connections, and FILM CONNECTION can get you close to the action where other schools can’t.

Our affordable 6-month course pairs you with a working film or television professional, who will personally mentor you using our structured course curriculum. Our results speak for themselves: over 70 percent of our graduates go on to rewarding jobs in the film industry. It could be your turn next. Enroll in our Muscle Shoals Film School today, and discover what we can do for your career.

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The Film Connection is where it all starts. We help make your dreams happen.
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