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Learn how to make movies with the guidance of your mentor.

“I just worked on a shoot for my mentor. It was for a zombie movie that my mentor and his team are putting together. I was a production assistant for the shoot. I did some pick-ups, worked with Grip & Electric, set design, and was even used as an extra in one scene. It was really a lot of fun. Also, I finished everything with the job on the show, The Voice, which the Recording Connection got me several weeks ago. It was truly a great working experience. I even got several of their information and have been keeping in touch with them in case any comes along.”
— Jeff Woolf, Brooklyn, New York

Train hands-on as a production assistant.

“Today I played the part of Production Assistant. The shoot was for a commercial for MPW, the shoot covered two 30-minute spots. My job was to record the time code when rolling started and rolling stopped. I also recorded the talent’s name, the take number, the spot number, and the description of important details for each shot. I was able to see time codes and everything else the cameraman saw via a monitor. The director, the make-up artist, and the client all got information from the same monitor. I enjoyed do this job and I learned while I did it, it was a good day.”
— Joshua Alexander, Brooklyn, New York

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