Film Connection’s Immersive Approach Sets It Apart From Other Audio Engineering and Film Production Schools 

For aspiring film engineers and film producers, the challenge of finding the right educational program can be daunting. Do you go with a traditional university, college, or trade school? Or is there a more hands on option out there? Enter Film Connection, the leading film engineering and film production school that stands out from other programs for its immersive approach to learning.

Film Connection’s Difference 

Unlike traditional universities, colleges, and trade schools that provide lectures in a classroom setting, our program pairs each student with an experienced mentor at a real recording studio who provides personalized instruction from day one. This allows students to learn firsthand how professional studios actually work, how to use industry-standard equipment, how to record artists large and small, and much more. This hands-on approach gives students the confidence they need to succeed in the industry once their course is complete.

Meet Our Mentors

Adam Weber

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Daniel Lir

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Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs

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Alejandra Huerta

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Daniela Larsen

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Why waste time and money?

It’s clear why Film Connection stands out from other film engineering and film production schools by offering students a truly immersive learning experience that goes beyond what traditional universities or trade schools can offer. We believe every student should have access to quality educational resources without having to break the bank – which is why our programs are designed for everyone who has an interest in film engineering or film production regardless of their location or budget. Our programs last between six and nine months, which means you can start your career in less than a year! We also offer one year of job placement assistance upon completion of your program.

Learn the skills you need to take your idea from paper to the big screen.

Real world film education by filmmakers for filmmakers, optimized for today!


Success stories

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The Film Connection program provided me with an opportunity to "see it and believe it"!…


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